1st Try

0.09 hours

I'm very disappointed in this game, I expected more from the title but it was pretty boring. We are basically this guy who has apparently been in a coma for the past 7 years being looked after this random girl. He doesn't remember anything about her or what happened so we don't even know if its the truth or not. Not much happens in this game, I did all 3 endings and it was pretty short with neither of them being satisfying. Our dude is terrible no matter what way we look at it. In the bad end we have this super cocky dude, who does question things slightly but is way to aggressive in doing so. Then in the good we just got this guy who doesn't question anything, like we aren't told anything and you are just accepting that this girl who you barely recognise is your girlfriend?

Here's a kicker that isn't to do with the story, the game screen just what even is it. It's like playing on a mobile phone screen that while you can maximize, it doesn't change size just adds huge black bars around it. This does have a sequel and it sounds better but honestly this game has given me no hope