Update Fifty-Six 4 October 2017

Broken Age

17.3 hours, 43 of 45 achievements


I picked up Broken Age again for the monthly challenge. I wanted to start off easy - I simply had two achievements to get that I never did, and both of them were ‘use special object on a bunch of stuff to get all of the unique voice lines’. Unfortunately, it still isn’t counted as complete - there’s a speedrun achievement that I will never get because I don’t do speedruns, and another achievement that’s for getting all the other achievements.

Even so, that’s two more achievements I didn’t have before, and now I can consider Broken Age as completed as I’m going to get it.

If you’re interested, I’d recommend to pick it up. It got some bad press around when it first came out for good and bad reasons, but by now it’s overall rating is very positive and I think it’s aged well. It’s also incredibly gorgeous, and boy do I love that Schaefey humor. The ending is kind of disappointing, but the journey was worth it.

Next up: Next game for the monthly theme -

See you soon!