Enhanced BLAEO v4.0.0

Hello, everyone. Just a quick heads up that there’s a new major version of Enhanced BLAEO, in case you don’t get an automatic update. It contains major improvements and now allows you to delete templates and reorder games. The theme list checker now also works with any game list instead of only working with the current theme. You can install it from here.

If you guys have any suggestions for more improvements or if something isn’t working, please let me know.


The sync settings say I have 1131533 games in my library… and when I trigger the sync it throws me an error in the console.

userscript.html?id=4b851421-88db-47a2-9261-c7f1272aadcb:169 Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property 'replace' of undefined
at eval (userscript.html?id=4b851421-88db-47a2-9261-c7f1272aadcb:169)
at l (userscript.html?id=4b851421-88db-47a2-9261-c7f1272aadcb:169)
at Generator.eval [as _invoke] (userscript.html?id=4b851421-88db-47a2-9261-c7f1272aadcb:169)
at Generator.forEach.t.<computed> [as next] (userscript.html?id=4b851421-88db-47a2-9261-c7f1272aadcb:169)
at n (userscript.html?id=4b851421-88db-47a2-9261-c7f1272aadcb:169)
at s (userscript.html?id=4b851421-88db-47a2-9261-c7f1272aadcb:169)

If you pretty print the userscript, the error occurs at line 2756:

progress: i.progress.replace(" ", "-")

This bug should go away if you categorize Enter The Gungeon. I’ll apply a fix for uncategorized games for the next version.


v4.0.1 is out with the fix.


Can confirm it works now, thanks!