Resident Evil HD REMASTER

Play Time
9.7 hours
20 out of 44
Fun Rating
3 out of 5

So no big year end update from me because I'm too lazy to keep proper track and everything. But I did get Resident Evil 2 from kubikill, my Stealthy Santa, and since I never beat the first I had the perfect opportunity to do so now before starting the second one.

The good

It is as I remembered it, beautiful and scary. Which is pretty funny considering they really polished the graphics but in my mind it always looked that way and I knew a bunch of their tricks as well but it was still scary to play! The atmosphere is really strong in the game. They also added a new control mode (go where your stick go) but I much prefer the original way (up to go the way you character faces). Works a lot better since the fixed plan can change your perspective and thus I didn't have to adjust anything to go the same way.

The bad

It's an old game and it shows. Most of the game designs are from an other era. Some of the worst were the limited items you could carry (8 using Jill, only 6 with Chris!) and the door loading. They kept it in this remaster but from what I remember it was a trick to load the next room. However it's not needed anymore and it really gets boring fast to get stuck waiting for doors. It's also a really hard game to play without a walkthrough as there are no pointers. You have to be really good at brain game and remember the map very well as well if you ever wish to complete the game on your own. For the first half or so of the game I was good to go as surprisingly I still remembered most of it. But past a point it was harder to remember and that comes with a lot of backtracking because you missed a thing or forgot to bring something. Oh and the limited saves are a pain as well...


It was probably a good game back in time but it's hard to consider it a good game today. I finally beat the game but using a walkthrough to avoid frustration and a trainer to remove the door loading time and have unlimited saves. So I probably wouldn't recommend the game to everyone but under my condition it was fine and I finally beat the first Resident Evil!