Yesssss! Out of the three, Dangan Ronpa 2 is my favorite, edging out V3 bc I like the cast as a whole a bit more (mostly bc Kuzuryuu and Pekoyama are there and… I…. I love them…..)

Who is your favorite? what did you think about the twist?


I don’t have a “strong” favourite, I liked a lot of the cast haha. But since you’re asking…:
Chiaki (gamer) was one of the first I liked because she was a gamer and she turned out to be one of the most interesting character to me. Teruteru (cook) seemed rather funny in the pervert role he got. Nekomaru (coach) and Akane (gymnast/brawler) are a good combo that I enjoyed. Sonia (princess) and Ibuki’s (musician) respective passion when talking was refreshing. At first I wasn’t a fan of Fuyuhiko (yakuza) or Nagito (lucky) but the more I played the more they grew on me, despite me still kinda hating Nagito but I definitively respect his “determination”. And obviously the Monokuma/Monomi duo was crazy and awesome! But so Pekoyama will make an appearance again in DR3 I see? xD

Regarding the ending, I loved it. I saw (almost) nothing coming. Same for the murders, every time I thought I was onto something I got brain fucked.
Seeing Junko again as well as Makoto, Kyoko and Byakuya was a nice surprise. Hajime turning into super saiyan near the end was funny also. Also that last murder mystery was pure insanity! But learning that we were despair I sure didn’t expect that. Though it really was well tied together.


Yesss!!! I’m so glad you liked it as much as you did, and that you got to experience and appreciate tons of different ‘flavors’ of story and characters. I really liked hearing about it c:

I can’t say anything more BUT I look forward to you playing V3, sometime, some day!


Haha that’s nice to hear!

I definitively plan to tackle DR3 sometime soon. I “waited” 4.5 years between playing DR1 and DR2 but I don’t want that to happen again so I’ll try my best to not forget about it so that I can beat it this year, or even better, this summer? Hopefully xD
I started the Ultra Despair episode already. The gameplay is not great so far thanks to me playing a shooter on the Vita -_- and the story is obviously a lot less exciting than the main series but it still looks interesting.


About the Cyberdimension review, and about its positive reviews. That’s something that I’ve noticed with quite a few anime-themed games on steam. They get overly positive reviews, even if they’re awful, because anime. I’ve seen games that have things like broken hitboxes in it still end up sitting at “very positive” simply due to anime. It makes it really hard to tell when a game is actually going to be good.


Yeah that’s true. I’m also guilty of that mindset sometime I believe. Except I usually avoid expressing it because I know my enjoyment was biased or I make it clear that it was the series or the art style that convinced me to accept this game flaws.

I remember listening to one guy negative opinion on the game but I thought, it should be okay I already managed to enjoy the previous spin off which were quite average. This shouldn’t be worse. But it is worse!