My personal opinions about Life is Strange Before the Storm

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First game’s spoilers ahead, I won’t be putting spoiler tags for those, only BTS spoilers will have tags.


I have no words to describe how much I hated this. I honestly can’t understand why this story became a game.
When I played the first game I actually felt sad when I found out Rachel was dead, after playing BtS I’m pretty glad that character is dead, cause I wouldn’t be able to put up with her for another game.
I hated that character so much. I tried my best to make Chloe deny her requests, but the game wouldn’t let me. Chloe was a big pushover for the entirety of the game even though she seemed to be pretty strong willed in Life is Strange.
The writing IS TERRIBLE, HORRIBLE, THE WORST THING I’VE EVER SEEN. I don’t know how writers thought this terrible story would make a good game. The story is completely pointless and it has the worst plot twists I’ve ever seen. At times I felt like I was watching a really horrible soap opera.
The voice acting for the teenagers was pretty ok, but the adults were terrible cause “they…………… talk…………… very…………… slowly…………. with……….. looooooonggg………….. breaks…………….. between……………. words……………” (quote from Lenor). It really annoyed me. When the game was trying to get emotional (for stupid ass reasons) I couldn’t feel anything besides annoyance due to the horrible voice acting and storytelling, and writing, and pretty much everything.
The ending managed to be worse than the rest of the game, I’m not gonna dwell on it, but it felt really empty and pointless as usual.
I’m just glad this story is supposedly over and I truly hope I’ll never see Rachel Amber in a game ever again.


I’m gonna list some of the nice actions Rachel Amber took in my game:

Burned an entire forest, killing hundreds of animals and trees
Stole alcohol from people by pretending she was feeling sick and asking for a couple’s help
Drugged Victoria to get a part in a play
Made Chloe take part in that play even though she said “no” a thousand times

Even though in LiS 1 students claimed Rachel Amber was loved and popular, this is the text piece I got from a known character I won’t name cause I wanna avoid spoiling:

I’m glad at least some characters realised that.

Btw Chloe doesn’t react negatively towards any of these actions, you don’t even have a choice, Chloe will just be fine with all of that cause why not. And I do get that Chloe can do a lot of terrible things in LiS 1, but it’s pretty much always the player’s choice and when you tell her you don’t wanna steal she accepts it. What really bothered me was the lack of options, you can’t ever say no to Rachel even though she does horrible horrible horrible things.
The entire game is about Rachel Amber and her family drama, but for some unknown reason Chloe controls Rachel’s family decisions. They’ve been friends for 2 or 3 days, but Chloe controls her family. It’s just ridiculous. They really should’ve made Rachel the main character, I hate her, but it would at least make sense.

Having this game as one of the options for the “choices matter” steam award is a big joke, you barely have choices and they DON’T MATTER AT ALL.
PS.: Since you can’t ever say no to Rachel, they were nice enough to give you 2 options to say yes:
You clearly have choices!!!!!!


I liked most of the soundtrack. I just wish they didn’t cut half of the Daughter songs that played in the game.


Ouch. Sorry to hear you didn’t like it. I’ve played the first episode and really enjoyed it, but I’m just in love with these games. Hopefully you’ll like the sequel when it eventually comes out since it’ll focus on new characters.


Well, I hope you’ll keep enjoying it once you get to play the full game.


Did you enjoy the first Life is Strange or did you dislike both? I think it’s kind of funny because I’ve had people tell me they loved the first game and people tell me they’ve hated it. I don’t think there is an in between :P Sorry if you mentioned it above, I avoided a few things due to fear of spoilers.

If it’s like the first one I’ll probably enjoy it. Judging so far, I liked the first one better because I feel like Max is a better character overall.


I did enjoy it.
I didn’t feel like BtS was similar to LiS 1 at all. And I do think Max was a way better character than BtS Chloe and Rachel combined.


I see what you mean now. I just beat the game and I have similiar feelings. I don’t hate Rachel, but I felt nothing for her and her chemistry with Chloe. Her personality was not written well at all and it made her pretty unlikable. I also felt the story was pretty weak. I liked the game a little, but it really did go downhill since episode 1.


It’s good to see someone else feeling that way regarding Rachel :)
For some reason most people seem to really like her, I honestly hated her a lot.
Imo their friendship felt extremely rushed and I simply couldn’t buy it.
I definitely did not enjoy this game, but I think I can agree that ep 1 was by far the best one, even though I still didn’t like it. It really went downhill after that.
Anyway, thanks for the replies. I read your post and I totally agree with the flaws you pointed out.


I think it’s kind of funny because I’ve had people tell me they loved the first game and people tell me they’ve hated it. I don’t think there is an in between :P

I’m one of those who are “in between.” I thought it was ok. I still don’t understand why people love it but I definitely don’t hate it. :p


Most useless, meaningless, pointless game in the history of games, in my opinion. I thought to myself that I would one day buy the game (even though I watched your entire playthrough and therefore know what happens) because it’s a simple completion but there is just absolutely no way. I couldn’t tolerate one playthrough, so the 2nd one would make me wanna go on a killing spree for sure. I’d rather cry and tear out my hair trying to 100% in Lumo or Spy Chameleon. Hell I’d rather play Euro Truck Simulator 2 or Helldivers! I am never getting that game even if it’s free!

Ps, Rachel Amber is a terrible human being and in my own experience easily the worst game character of all time… I wish they never made a spin off based on her. I went from “I’m so sorry she is dead, this is too sad” in the first Life is Strange to “I’m glad she is dead” pretty quickly thanks to Before the Storm.

Me during this whole game


From my experience I think Rachel is the 2nd worst game character of all time hehe :D
Hopefully now that BtS is over she’ll be gone forever.


Oh I know all about your 1st one, I’ll consider that as my 2nd :P

I feel like a spin off of how Jefferson and Rachel met, how Jefferson recruited Nathan and Chloe’s lack of knowledge about any of it would have made a much more interesting and meaningful story. It’d have put things that happened in the first game into a broader perspective but instead we got an extremely meaningless, empty, and pointless story with significantly unlikable characters. GG…

Hell I’d prefer having Warren as a protagonist and the player constantly doing science experiments in the span of 3-4 episodes or something and taking classes while admiring Max from a distance. That would have been a lot more enjoyable than BTS.


Yea, that would be nice.
I feel like anything else would be better than this tbh.


While I fully agree the story being most useless, I can’t agree with your opinion on Rachel. It’s okay you don’t like her, still I think your points disliking her aren’t quite right.

  1. She didn’t on purpose. Yeah, the game made it over dramatic, but it’s not like it was her intention. I think it’s reasonable to act intuitively. She hold her breath for her parents a very long time and needed to breathe out.
  2. Yeah, that wasn’t nice at all. But Chloe would do the same if she was a good actor like Rachel was. I think Rachel never did anything like that before but did it with Chloe’s influence. She always was a brave little girl. She wanted to break free and after what she just saw she needed the thrill.
  3. Uhhh. In my playthrough Chloe did that. Else Rachel would’ve been drugged.
  4. True. But she did it because she thought it would be a good thing for Chloe. And in the end it was. Chloe always was the outsider, in the play everyone applauded her and it was for the cause of her feeling better with herself - which worked.

Imo BTS was far better than LiS1. Although the story being pointless the characters were like real human beings and not like some old men guessing how teenagers would be. But tastes are different and I’m sorry you didn’t like it. I would prefer too a better story as it felt wrong to just end there especially after the third episode which was just fully pointless and her father and mother telling repeatedly to protect her. But I liked the setting, the music and overall the characters.



  1. I actually think the game didn’t make it dramatic at all. She starts a fire and no one gives a shit about it, even though in my opinion that’s a pretty big deal. I don’t have the option to say “hey Rachel, I don’t think that was nice” or anything like that, Chloe is just fine with it by default. Maybe if Rachel actually acted like she made a mistake I wouldn’t mind this part of the story, but everyone just moves on in 2 minutes and they barely mention this in episode 2 and 3.
  2. I honestly can’t agree with that. I tried to play nice girl Chloe as much as I could (when the game let me of course, most of the time the game doesn’t let you pick anything, you just have to roll with it). In my game I didn’t see Chloe influence her in any way in my game, it was actually the other way around throughout the entire game.
  3. Lol in my game Rachel did it and I fucking lost it when she did it. She offered Victoria tea I think. I don’t know which decision affected this outcome though. May I ask if you had a choice or if Chloe just did it out of nowhere?
  4. I also wish I had an option to react to that, cause that whole episode really pissed me off. I personally hate it when people push other people into doing something. I wish the game would understand that no means no, instead of forcing me to do something when the character I’m playing is clearly uncomfortable with it. Maybe if they didn’t make Chloe seem uncomfortable with it I wouldn’t have minded it. Episode 2 was by far the one I hated the most, mostly because of this play bit.

LiS 1 is not one of my favorite games ever, but in my opinion it was miles better than BtS. I really didn’t feel like the characters felt human at all, it felt like a bad soap opera or a bad teenager tv show most of the time, all the storylines felt so weird and poorly written.
This is obviously my personal opinion. I’m really glad you managed to like the game so much and I appreciate your comment.


It’s funny because I get all of your points and you’re not wrong at all. I guess I just interpretated it differently and I find it highly interesting how others/you think about it.

  1. With dramatic I mean she could also act like Chloe and shredder something to pieces. But the game wanted to make a big “woaah”-effect and I guess they did it because LiS1 had the storm, so BTS had to need something similiar. Rachel breathes literally out in this scene and made the fire even bigger. It was just to show that she finally had to let all her feelings out. While Chloe was shocked what Rachel did I also think she kind of envied her because of her power. And Chloe is also at a stage where almost everything is irrelevant to her. While playing Ep1 I also thought this would have a bigger effect on the characters and I agree that there should’ve been.
  2. Maybe I used ‘influence’ wrong, sorry for that. What I meant was that Rachel always acts as a nice girl and that she differs her acting depending who she’s talking to without being a hack. That’s why everyone loves her. But she’s also like her mother a rebel but thanks to her always being nice behavior she couldn’t be one herself. Chloe in fact is everything Rachel wanted to be, the only thing she couldn’t bear with was to be without all those friends. So while meeting Chloe she finally could do things she wouldn’t do with others. She also was on that concert for herself because (I guess) no one else would understand this site of her. I don’t think Rachel is a bad person. She’s a teenager who wants to do forbidden and bad things because teenagers often want to feel the risk but she couldn’t without losing something important of her life. Yeah, she craves for attention and I see why ppl would dislike this kind of personality but for everybody something else is important. For her it was to be good for everyone and I also guess that’s because of her parent’s being the same.
  3. There was a choice. Chloe found Victoria trying to drug Rachel so she told her. Then there was a choice for switching the drugged cups or to confront Victoria. So you can blame me :D Imo Victoria is the worst character and I can’t think about anyone being like her - she’s a fully cliche and that pisses me off. What did you do that Rachel drugged her?
  4. I see. I probably would think the same if Chloe wasn’t happy afterwards. I don’t like to force someone either but if it turns out to be a success I can forgive that. I like to expand my horizon :^)

Oh yeah it was like a soap opera and some things felt forced. How Rachel and Chloe became friends happened far too fast eg. The story was stupid and the problems farfetched. But I could understand them, I could see why they acted this way or talked the other way. In LiS1 I was annoyed of every character (except for Warren, he was pretty normal), how they talked and how they acted and I felt like I was watching a hipster soap for 10 years old. They were all only stereotypes and chliches and imo BTS made them acting more realistically. I can’t understand why everyone loves LiS1 so much, imho it only was ok. BTS also only was ok but I had more fun with it without disliking almost everyone.


Yea, I think we just saw things differently.
Did you take the blame for Rachel? I didn’t and she lost her role in the play. Victoria replaced her. In my game I had 0 choices, Chloe and Rachel started talking to Victoria then Rachel offered her tea. Then she passed out. That was it, Chloe had 0 reactions as usual :P.
I agree that their friendship was too rushed and a lot of moments ended up feeling forced. Having someone you’ve known for 2 days decide everything in your family drama just felt weird as hell. I really think they should’ve made Rachel the main character instead of Chloe. This whole thing felt super weird.
I don’t love LiS 1 to death, I think it’s an enjoyable game, but it is also very stereotypical. The cliché bits didn’t annoy me as much as BtS’ though. At least we had a relevant story going on behind all the teenage drama :P