Well, 11-11 Memories Retold is done and dusted, although I may go back and see some of the alternate endings, of which I am guessing there is at least one more and possibly three more. I need to look further into it. Fortunately, after you finish this game, you can just go back and pick whatever section you need to complete finding collectibles or make a different decision that could potentially alter the outcome of this game. It took me 5.2 hours to complete my first playthrough with a bit of exploration beyond driving the plot forward.

Visually, this was a stunning game presented in watercolors and what seems to be all hand drawn graphics. The voice acting by Elijah Wood and Christopher Koch was brilliant. The story was evocative and compelling, and World War I hasn’t been overly explored in gaming yet, so that was nice. You’ll really find yourself absorbed in the game (most likely) once it gets going, and the choice to not only play as two distinct characters whose lives overlap and are distinctly tied together, one from the Canadian armed forces and one from the German armed forces. This was a great design choice in my estimation. The portrayal of warfare, and especially as it was during WW i with trenches, chemical weapons, and so on, was gritty, dark, and pretty realistic IMO.

This is essentially and adventure/walking sim with some stealth and slow quick time events btw.

This is a game worthy of everybody’s attention. I’d say if you spent the time to collect all the stories (the collectibles all actually add something to the game which is nice), you could probably put about ten hours into this, give or take. I don’t believe I’ve played a game quite like this one before, so if you want a fairly unique experience, I think you’ll find it here.