Update 36: January 1st to 12th

Since I had to work the beginning of January (all through new year to be exact) I did not find the time to write a post last week. And I had next to nothing to write about. Well now I at least have beaten some games :D Though not really any relieve for my backlog :-/

Half-Life 2

Last Day of June

7.2 hours
21 of 21 achievements

Really liked the game. It's about loss and how people cope with it. How they are trying to debate: What if I had done something differently? You relive the last day of June over and over again, always trying to change something different to get a different outcome, but whatever you try, it always ends the same.

Things I liked:

  • visually beautiful
  • sad, but great story

Things i did not like:

  • Ran into a bug that let me start the game fine, but then when I saved and tried to start it the next day, it just crashed. Only way to get it fixed was to run the game in compatibility mode, but that did not let me load my save game any longer :( It's a known bug that was never fixed, so if you run a machine with win10 either play it in one sitting or use the compatibility mode from the start
  • it is not clear when the autosave points are, thus you can never be sure that your progress was saved and you might have to redo stuff over again, which brings me to my last point
  • there is no skip function which can get annoying with a lot of these cut scenes, especially if you have to watch certain scenes over and over again
Half-Life 2

Glass Masquerade

7.6 hours
32 of 32 achievements

Really love this game, thanks again Nin for gifting it to me for Christmas :D
The puzzles are sometimes really hard, but the glass panes are so beautiful to look at, that it really does not bother me at all. Some took me about 3 minutes, others 15.

Done all achievements of the game, hence the completed mark. Yet I still have all the DLC's to go through, but they do not have achievments.

Half-Life 2

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl

10.3 hours
no achievements

It was an okay game, tough you could feel the age. Did not really love or hate it. Sometimes it was crazy hard. Rushed through to the end and skipped most of the non essential missions.

Half-Life 2

Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus

25.3 hours
11 of 34 achievements

Finished the game with a bag ending (e.g. was killed by the end bosses, only managed to kill one), though I have enough save games to try again if I ever have the time. Had no problems with the tutorial or the first mission, but lost all after that. Unfortunately the tutorial does not really help you with the really important things like how to built up your fighters correctly, what the different things do properly, etc.
After loosing a bunch of missions I was really discouraged to play the game further. Than i restarted again the next day and used what I had learned to better choose my weapons and stuff. And low and behold I did not loose another mission. Though after over 20h I had enough and took the first chance to actually battle the end bosses. I think with another 10 missions under my belt my fighters would have been strong enough to actually win, but I did not want to put in the time. After all I do have to finish XCOM this month too ;)

green = PoP thanks Hyrax & adam1224 for challenging me
red = Challenge Me thanks JaffaCaffa for challenging me
grey = BLAEO monthly theme
orange = completions

Overall Backlog Progress:

7.19% (60/835)
8.62% (72/835)
6.23% (52/835)
75.93% (634/835)
2.04% (17/835)
Overall SG Wins Progress:

19.33% (29/150)
18.67% (28/150)
2.67% (4/150)
56.67% (85/150)
2.67% (4/150)

Here are the games I'm currently working on. Reviews will follow once I'm done with the games:
I've won 9 games in the last two weeks (+1 that I won through a SG event in one of my groups) and was gifted 1 plus 11 DLC's and bought 3 and activated a free one. So a total of 15 new games in the last two weeks. Could have been worse :-/ And I've beaten/completed 4 games, so that makes a +11 for the last two weeks and a +11 for this month.

SG wins: Gifts: thanks Garandro

Other keys, games and DLC's + Pixel Puzzles Ultimate: Jigsaw Starter Kit consiting of the follwoing DLC's
Games I want to play within the next few weeks:

Challenge Me:

PA: none

PoP: none planned, since I plan on playing them all right now ;)

Just for fun: