Ninglors Log 109

09.04.19 – 15.04.19

April Progress:

Completed Games:
The Rosebud Condominium

Won/Gifted Games:

Bought Games:
Assassin’s Creed Origins

Played this week:
C14 Lunas Stars Dishonored2 Alice2

Uh, yep, I totally couldn’t decide at some point this week -_-


16 hours, 114 of 114 achievements, ★★★★☆


I still don't really get why it's called Mirror, but never mind that. Ok yeah, Mirrors were twice mentioned for crossing… uh… dimensions or stuff. Which might… yeah. Ok.
So that's out of the way. Now onto the thingy. Pics were nice. Music some nicer then other. Like every girl has a different music - I think. They also have different battle abilities so we have to adjust our battle skills and gadgets. Right. BATTLE! Battle is drumrolls 3-Match! \o/
Yeah, I know. We don't ride into a real battle. We don't have to put on armor and wield a sword. But that's ok. Sometimes xD
So Battle. Some are immune against physical attacks - right, no sword fighting! - and some are badass selfhealers. So after beating the first two without really looking into stuff and adjusting, I suddenly had to pay a bit more attention. But yeah, apparently I worked that out.
After beating them 3 to 4 times - with a bit of story mixed into the whole thing - we are in a sex scene! And have to decide if we are nice or not so nice to our beloved girlfriend.
So this is an Eroge, right? thinking
Anyway. Sexscene over. NEXT! ;)
Hidden LEWD rating: Damn, what's this?? Lewdness exploded!
Recommendation? Likey lewd? Do it!

The Rosebud Condominium

2 hours, no achievements, ☆☆☆☆☆


"49? WTF is wrong with this game?!?" Reaction of a friend once I finished it.
I was more on the - done, dead -.-
Honestly, this was STUPID! It is a kinda HOG I guess? But! The lvl get more absurd the further you go. In the end the rooms are changing constantly plus a stupid alien is always hoovering where you have your mouse. So scroll through the place, try to figure out where stuff is in which room before it changes again and rushing around to get rid of the alien. Ugh. STUPID!
Recommendation? No! I Don't even get the mini story! JUST NOOOOO!

Cat Story ahead!
Cat story temporarily on hold – sry! :(

Sportyness failure -_-


That’s only a teaser ^^

As stated before:
I’m happy to paint for each and everyone of you. Only fee are the material and shipping costs \o/
If you wanna give me something extra, that’s totally up to you and not expected ;)

Ninglor_ious on Instagram

So much from me :)
Have a lovely week!
Queen Ninglor

Dad Tip #78 - Try not to make assumptions about people


Oh I finished rosebud ages ago 100% and yeah it sucked. As soon as it started I realised I was in for a bad time but after starting it I couldn’t just let it go since I was playing it for a challenge. Dreadful game and agree to never try it


Completing it for a challenge seems to be a decent reason. I didn’t even have that. I just… kept going, bc it was playable while phoning. I just can’t play games with lots of reading or listening or too much thinking while phoning. I can’! Dx


I’m happy to paint for each and everyone of you. Only fee are the material and shipping costs \o/

So we only have to pay you for the material and shipping costs? ☺

I’m kidding; I know you’re actually saying that you’ll pay for it and that it isn’t that big of a deal…I think…maybe…

Anyway, if you do take requests for free (as I’m not in any position to pay for things right now), do you think you’d be willing to try recreating the box art for Little Samson, or is that too complex for you?

I’m just curious; you don’t have to take the request or anything.


Yes, I absolutely… don’t pay for it myself! O.o
I mean, I’m being generous here and don’t let you pay my time on it :] :D

Uh, I guess I could do that? (Reminds me, I should show you my Mass Effect projects. No idea though when that’ll be finished x| )
I mean, I wouldn’t really have to copy the logo and stuff, right? Only the title. And I guess I just… simplify the background a bit. Aaaaaaaaaand maybe not be so awesome with the colouring.
Ok, lemme rephrase: Do you want like EVERYTHING from that? o.o

Also I would only take the request if you really wanted it and are happy to pay material and shipping ;)
So, yes, I would do it \o/


Also I would only take the request if you…are happy to pay material and shipping

Ah, okay, I had the feeling that was what you meant. It just confused me when you said “If you wanna give me something for the “work”, that’s totally up to you and not expected” because that made it seem like you’d take requests for free and pay for everything yourself. Go ahead and disregard my request, then; like I said, I’m not in any position to buy things right now. (though I recommend rewording your description a bit to say something like “You only have to pay me for the material and shipping costs” with the spoiler saying something more like “If you wanna give me something extra for the work…”).


Mhm yeah, sounds good. I shall adjust that :] \o/


This comment was deleted 2 months ago.


Deleted comments make me sad


How was dishonored 2? I’m running stealth, no killing walkthrough. Did you try any of that? There is need of a lot of patience there xD.
Liked the story? Prefer D1 or D2? Which character did you play Corvo or Emily? Thoughts :D


Oh, Dishonored 2 is still being played. It’s the list of games I’m actively playing. I would list it somewhere else if finished ;)
But, I try stealth, killing and no abilities. Also as Corvo. I just… need to get more into it. It’s basically the same prob I had with the first one: I have to get into it, once I managed that, I can’t stop it :D
But rest assured: there will be a proper review once it’s done :)