Do we need a 6th category to sort out our games?

Something has been bugging me lately and that’s how to sort out games that I’ve liked but didn’t see to the end because of difficulty or endless games I’ve enjoyed a lot but want to stop playing (and mark off the backlog).
I don’t like sorting them into the “unfinished” category because I reckon I won’t start these games again and the “won’t play” category seems too harsh. (I only use that one for games I dropped and didn’t like or games I have no interest in playing).
In the Excel sheet where I track my game stats, I’ve sorted those games into a “sufficient playtime” category which fits my needs but can’t translate on BLAEO.
Do you think a new category for those games is something we need or is it me being too particular about sorting out my games? Thanks for your input.


My 2 cents are that at least as far as I am concerned its not needed.

games that I’ve liked but didn’t see to the end because of difficulty

Even if you don’t plan to finish them, they are still unfinished no?

endless games

The way I do those is to just have them as unfinished till I am satisfied with how much I have played/achieved and then they get moved beaten/completed.

Maybe a suggestion could be to just use a list to mark those off? For example I do that with games that I need either DLC or people to play with. I don’t think they warrant their own category but they still get marked separately?

That is just my option tho, I wouldn’t complain if another category gets added, tho I wish they could you just disable any categories we don’t use so they are not in the way.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Making lists sounds like a good option.


I feel the same way and I made “Played enough to count as beaten” list. Some games don’t have end so it’s hard to categorize them as “beaten”. But after 20 or 40 or 60h you may feel like you know them enough to count them as beaten.

Would be nice to have category for those but as mouse said not everyone would use it. So it could be optional.


I never really understood why BLAEO doesn’t have a “dropped” category to be honest, since it’s obviously different from “won’t play” (100h in a game and I have to put it in “won’t play”? No I don’t think so) and also kinda different from “unfinished”, which I also view as “started and still playing” basically. For now I personally made a (hidden) list called “Abandoned” where I put games I likely won’t return to for now, but it would indeed be nice to have an official category instead.


I wish there was that very same distinction too. I’m using a list similar to yours (actually called dropped) and leave them in unfinished because I feel bad moving them to the won’t play category (as you said it doesn’t really match). :/


It’s good to know I’m not the only one facing this dilemma. I’m happy enough to use a special list for those games at the moment especially since the tag shows up in the default lists if you display them as “table” or “list”.
If many of us found use for it, a new category would be really nice indeed but I don’t want to force anybody’s hand.
Anyway, thanks everyone for sharing your thoughts on that matter. Have a great weekend.


games that I’ve liked but didn’t see to the end

If you didn’t like a game enough to see it through to the end (for those games that have endings), can you truly say you liked it or that you would recommend it to others? To me, “won’t play” doesn’t seem too harsh for those games at all; I interpret it as “won’t play anymore.”


games that I’ve liked but didn’t see to the end because of difficulty

If you’re going to quote me, you might as well quote the whole thing. What I meant by that are games that I’ve enjoyed but for some reason couldn’t finish because, for example, the last boss/section was too hard. It seems we have a different interpretation of what the “won’t play” category should apply to. For me, it simply means games that aren’t worth spending time on.


you might as well quote the whole thing

“The whole thing” doesn’t change the point; you still didn’t finish the game. However much you used to enjoy playing it, you enjoy it no longer, whether it’s because of difficulty or a game-breaking glitch or something else.

Now, I ask again: if you like a game at first, but not enough to see it through to the end despite its difficulty or whatever, can you truly say it’s a game you enjoyed and would recommend? Personally, I wouldn’t recommend a game I didn’t like enough to beat.

couldn’t finish

Whoa, that actually changes things. It implies that it’s your fault and not the game’s, like, you lost the disc or broke your arm. I think “unfinished” would be appropriate in that case.


Not OP, but yes, it is completely possible to enjoy the game enough to recommend it and not finish it (for a billion different reasons including difficulty). Newsflash: not everyone experiences the games the same way you do and their thoughts and feelings about them are perfectly valid even if you might disagree with them.