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07.09.21 – 13.09.21

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Life is Strange: True Colours – Ty Cece <3

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Maels We revolt

Cat Story ahead!
My parents left on Monday and while Ameno indicated he wanted me to pet him, only on Thursday would he actually purr for me. On Friday my parents already came back and he was all like “I’m dying of not enough love, LOVE ME HOMAN!” – which is silly. I totally was willing to pet him and tried it again and again, but nooooo. What a bully D:
Tizio really doesn’t like treats with saliva. Like he had it in his mouth and then for some reason drops it. While he tries it at first he will in most cases let it be. That’s the usual way. But we have these dried chicken treats and both Ameno and Tizio are so into them. While Ameno has problems with bigger chunks – he’s stupid and doesn’t like to properly chew – Tizio doesn’t mind. So Ameno got his first chunk and spit it out. He refused to eat it, bc to big, but it was already wet with saliva. He munched on smaller pieces, Tizio got his share. That’s it – or so I thought. Instead Tizio sniffs this one chunk out and decides he couldn’t care less about the saliva and wet part and happily munched it… while Ameno and I just watched him doing so. Another silly kitty. But this is a nice one, right? :3
Tizio also had cuddle problems though. I think it’s bc he had to get used to being at my parents again, being with Ameno and all that. He didn’t really come to get pet a lot. Only when my parents came back, he demanded more. I guess maybe, bc Ameno was occupied with them? No idea. We had these really nice moments though, where I way lying on my bed and Tizio crawled under the blanket and kinda cuddled up to my stomach – me on top, he underneath the blanket. I pet him, he purred and was happy, I read. It was really nice and comfy. I love these moments with him <3

So much from me :)
Have a lovely week!
Queen Ninglor


All the cat stories lately


Yeah, thought I’ll bring them back, after slacking for so long :3