2019-01 Report

Inspired by ninglor03, I challenged myself to beat / complete at least 5 games per month this year. To make things more interesting, I created the following rules:

  • At least 5 games must be beaten / completed every month. I cannot compensate between months e.g. beat 4 games in January and 6 games in February.
  • The games must be beaten / completed between 00:00 BRT of the first day of the month and 23:59 BRT of the last day of the month. If I beat a game even 1 minute earlier / later, it doesn’t count.
  • Previously beaten games can be completed for the challenge. For example, if I got 90% of achievements in a game before and 100%’ed it in the current month, then it counts for the challenge in that month.
  • Upon failure in a month, no games can be added to the backlog in the following month, and a maximum of 2 games are allowed per month for the rest of the year.

January was a success!

Beaten Completed (Previously Beaten) Completed Beaten / Completed Backlogged Balance
1 0 4 5 2 3

What’s Next?

These are the tasks that I’m focused in for this month:

  • Beat something from the monthly theme
  • Beat Grand Theft Auto IV (and maybe complete)
  • Beat Luxor HD (and maybe complete)
  • Beat Luxor 2 HD (and maybe complete)
  • Complete Outlast (previously beaten)

That is one strict challenge me!

Also, going for GTA IV, you sure have ambition! I wish you good luck with that one!

And congrats for beating your first month.


Thanks, I think I’ll just beat the main story of GTA IV for now, I probably won’t have time to complete it.

the Traveler

I agree with the other poster - wow that is ambitious! But hey good on you for going all in on that project and look forward to seeing your updates. :)


Thank you! :) I sure hope I’ll be able to do it.


This is a neat idea, I don’t think I’d have the self restraint though xD. Or I’d keep the keys and activate them all next time I’m ‘allowed’. And yeah, this month looks pretty ambitious, good luck!


It’s actually easy for me because I’ve already been self restraining for the past year, I only added 20 games to my backlog in 2018.


Just restrained myself a bit more, now the rule is:

  • Upon failure in a month, no games can be added to the backlog in the following month, and a maximum of 2 games are allowed per month for the rest of the year.

That way there are no exploits. xD


Haha guess I made it more difficult. Oops xD. I’m kind of in the same boat though, I’ve been trying to limit activations until my backlog is better. I’ll probably end up getting the Reaper bundle though because Candlekeep has been on my wishlist for a while, so I certainly haven’t been as successful as you :(.


That’s a really cool (and strict) challenge! With punitive consequences. Scary, but I wish you the best of luck and i’ll keep an eye on your result if you keep reporting your progress.


It’s either this or I never defeat the backlog. xD Yes, I’ll report on the 1st of every month.


Good luck with the challenge! I personally won’t go for any completion targets as my gaming motivation comes and goes, but I’ll also try to add as few games and bundles as possible. That’s pretty much the only strategy if I ever want to see my backlog getting smaller.


Thank you! And good luck reducing the amount of added games!


I did this? I’m sorry. Maybe. Maybe not :D
But nice strict rules. They totally scare me, but I can totally keep pushing if you help pushing me. Like pushing buddies <3

Welp, totally stole and implemented them into my profile. Let’s see how this goes :)