Enhanced BLAEO v5

Hello, everyone. I’ve released a new version for my Enhanced BLAEO script that has some improvements:

  • Optimizations in general
  • Major redesign for Game List Checker: you now click a button next to the post to check the list, instead of it being automatically checked, and the results appear separated in sections in a modal (this removes noise from posts and allows you to quickly see relevant games)
  • Minor redesign for Post Generator
  • More customization options for Post Generator
  • Post Generator now uses caches, which makes it a lot faster

If you’re already using the script, I suggest to uninstall it and install the new version, as updating will lead to incompatibilities. This also means that you will lose any saved presets, but setting up new presets shouldn’t take too long.

Install from here.

Happy backlog killing for all!


Love the new list checker!


Glad to hear it!


OMG! I’ve been seeing those game panels in many of the posts. And I kept wondering how are they creating those?! Now I know!
About 3 years back, the last time I was active here, I remember I had read someone’s post on creating the Game Bar. I couldn’t remember who that was. But he/she had a few more ideas and their pastebin links posted on their profile.

It makes a lot of sense that you’d provide generators to help users create their posts. I’ve seen lot of awesome Activity posts here. It’s amazing how much effort people put into them and how creative they get.
I’m personally not very creative though. So, I always stick to a certain pattern. And I have considered it too to create a script for my posts where I put my content in an excel file or something and get the post automatically generated.


Well, to be fair, I think a lot of people do it manually, because some of those posts don’t have the exact styling of the ones created with this script. I think maybe some users aren’t aware of this script, or they prefer using BLAEO Generators (not created by me) instead of installing a script, or they’re not aware of either and just keep a Pastebin like the user you mentioned. hehe But the script does offer a few basic designs that should be useful in most scenarios, and there’s always the option to use a custom design and save it as a preset for quick reuse later.


I just use right click> inspect > copy stuff from there. I wasn’t aware there is something like this. :D


Yeah, I guess there’s not an easy way to know about it if you miss my post.


Maybe if you add a link to the script page on ‘Write a post’ page. Kind of like the markdown syntax link. Then people definitely won’t miss it.
I did think the BLAEO Generators are also created by you! ^^’
I will surely use the script for my next post, man! Thanks for that! It’s very helpful.


I don’t have access to the website implementation (hence why I created a script :P), mandrill is the one who handles that. But I can definitely talk to him about it, we’ll see.


Oh! I totally thought you were behind it XD
Though yeah, makes sense. I’ve often seen him replying to game-sync related and other issues on Steam group discussions.


Hey man, did you move the script to a new location? I did a clean install and came to install this and your link is saying I don’t have access or it’s invalid. I really find it much easier to use than the other options.