October 2019


Favorite game this month: For The King - So much fun and challenging without being too hard or frustrating (I look at you, FTL). It really scratched the itch for games with a similar feel to Slay The Spire. Highly recommended and my favorite SG win so far!

Next Month

Play or Pay
Really looking forward to playing some of my great picks:
The Final Station, Transistor, Bayonetta, Bioshock - Remastered, Prey, Tyranny, Kingdom Come Deliverance

Play a Game You Won On Steamgifts
Quite a lot of SG wins fit this month, especially because of the story-rich tag:
Owlboy, The Final Station, Finding Paradise, Northgard and some HOGs :)

Not on Steam
With The Outer Worlds, Pokemon Sword & Shield, Luigis Mansion 3 and a free month on Origin (A Way Out), this is definitely gonna be a busy month.