Lengray's Tag Challenge #1

Following the idea of the ABC Challenge, which I didn't get far into, and Elvidur's complex challenge, I had the idea of tackling my backlog in yet a different way.
What I did was first to check my library using Lorenzo Stanco's Steam filter. Then, I clicked on a game tag that interested me and had a look at the generated list. I then looked at games I hadn't played or beaten in that list and selected one. I repeated the process 11 times (because 12 months, you know) and the list below is what I came up with.
I'm not setting myself a time limit (and might replace any of the games if I abandon one) as I want to keep things fun and also play other games but it's a step in the right direction.
As I play through them, I'll link to this post in my reviews so you can check my progress if you're interested. I've also made a game list in my profile for that purpose.

Tag Game title Status Review
2D Fighter BlazBlue: Chronophantasma Extend Beaten here
Action Apotheon Never played
Cyberpunk Binary Domain Beaten here
Dark Dishonored Never played
Dungeon Crawler The Quest Beaten here
Exploration Eastshade Beaten here
Female Protagonist Ara Fell: Enhanced Edition Never played
FPS Borderlands 2 Never played
Metroidvania Hollow Knight Never played
Pixel Graphics Starbound Never played
RPG Tyranny Never played
Story Rich Call of Cthulhu Beaten here


Yay I’m being referenced! \o/. Just joking, but that list sounds sweet, most of those games are superb choices. Have fun, I’ll try to check your progress : )


Thanks. I tried to pick great games I’ve read other members rave about which have been in backlog for a long time. They’re on my hit litst now :)


I really like this idea. Maybe I’ll try it myself at some point. Good luck!


Thanks. The only hurdle is available time. And since I’m a slow player, it will take a long time to complete.


Good luck, Lengray! Looks like a fun approach.
I think I have Dishonored on PS3 (but haven’t played it).
Eastshade is on my wishlist.
Quest is on my alt’s wishlist.
Call of Cthulhu is in my barter Tradeables, but I keep thinking I might activate it on my alt.
Tyranny looks cool, but even I have my limits on how many games I’ll acquire knowing I’ll never play them. :(


Thanks. I’m glad I’ve pick games you’ll enjoyed the reviews of.

I have my limits on how many games I’ll acquire knowing I’ll never play them

I intend to play all the games in my library and possibly beat them unless they suck or are too hard. But I have to make the backlog shrink if I ever want to achieve that.


I like this idea as well, actually. I’m still working on my ABC plan, but maybe I’ll do one of these with some games that aren’t on that list.


Cool. I’m glad to hear other members might pick my idea too. Anything helps fighting that backlog :)


Excited to hear your thoughts on Eastshade. Dishonored is an amazing game, enjoy! Every time I see someone mention it on here it gives me the itch to replay it.

I should try this challenge (loosely) for myself sometime, thanks for the idea. :)


My pleasure. The good thing about this idea is how flexible it is. You can pick whichever genres and how many games you like. Besides, the variety keeps things interesting.
I’ll start playing Eastshade sometime next week so stay tuned.


There you go: my review of Eastshade in case you missed it in the activity feed.


I absolutely ADORE Eastshade. Since it’s a very relaxing game I personally suggest reserving it until after playing something challenging that might stress you out (for example something like Hollow Knight). I hope you enjoy Dishonored as much as I did :)


Thanks for the suggestion. I’m torn though. I know Hollow Knight is quite a long game but since I recently played Leaving Lyndow, I just want more of Eastshade Studios. Decisions, decisions …


That’s a really neat idea, thanks for sharing. (I’ve been doing very little progress on my second ABC list in 2020 but I might still try your challenge as I love the concept). You have some very nice picks in this list, hope you enjoy the games :)


No problem. The more the merrier! Since I now review every game I play, you’ll soon find out how much I’ve enjoyed them all.


Picking out the tags is the hardest, I’m reducing and reducing and yet I have enough tag to do 3 rounds of the challenge at least :sweat:


Just start by picking the ones you like most. From your updates, you seem to be fond of gorgeous indie games with original gameplay and a good story. Or pick a genre you haven’t played in a long time. Or use the “pick random game” funtion. There are so many ways to go about it!


Yeah i’m keeping the full list in a spreadsheet but i might go with 6 i feel like playing NOW and 6 randomized. Should give an interesting result :3


I ended up with that list thanks again for letting me borrow the concept :D


No problem. Like I said, I’m glad to see many people picking up the idea. Now, I’ll go to the other post and have a look at that list of yours :)


I also did the abc challenge but at the time I wasn’t in a good place so my gaming kept going off. I see the site also picks a random game which I actually like the sound off since I’m going through collecting times for how long to beat. Its interesting looking at the tags what are there and seeing I got games even if 1 for them. Funniest though is seeing 100% orange juice which is a friendly board game be classed as survival horror. It never stops amazing me. Oh wont question why a disney prince game is classed as ww2 ill just take its word