2nd Chance

1.16 hours

Going off timeline I never talked about this game. I like this game but it has a major problem of wait times. The 1st half of the endings requires you to wait until a certain time is there. So you are waiting over 40 minutes for a little bit of text. The excuses the girl gives you for rejecting so funny but like when I'm waiting between 1-5 minutes per 1 ending is annoying. It just ruins your mood for when you get to the next and you cant just leave the game on as it doesn't continue. Its then possible that the remaining ends won't start up as you aren't 100% guaranteed to get the room how you need it to be in end game so you need to repeat a bunch of actions!

Like I said though I do like the endings, they are so silly and funny. Its like the silliness you get in real life sorry but our horoscopes don't mix so I can't. I like someone else, we are to young and need to focus on school. The models of these characters are cute so I wish they just put a little bit of work into make everyone have a sprite. Our love interest does but, but the other girl doesn't and is just a pink blob. She's just as important as our main 2 characters so it would've been nice to see her full person then a tiny glimpse when she leaves the room. The ending alone makes me want to keep this game but when half the game is just waiting nah