ABC Challenge 2019: Poi

Silliness aside, this was a pretty good game. In terms of gameplay it reminded me a lot of Super Mario 64 and other similar platformers of that era. The game is pretty short if you stick solely to the main plot but there are enough sidequests to make it almost twice as long. Getting all the achievements takes a little bit more though (Which is also why I’m missing only one achievement) since the last one requires you to beat the game in New Game+ (you only have 1 heart instead of 3 and the maps are different) and it can get a bit too time-consuming.
Not everything is perfect though, the game lacks some variety when it comes to the enemies (this becomes really noticeable when you try to get the creature biologist achievement) and some of them are hard to hit because you can’t tell exactly where the hitbox is (I’m looking at you snakes <.<).

All in all it’s a pretty good game I recommend everyone who likes platformers to give it a chance. It may not be perfect but it’s still pretty enjoyable