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Fourth week of August progress

It is only Saturday, but tomorrow I am going to be busy traveling back home and dealing with I-have-been-abroad-for-the-past-2-months activities. So much fun. I can only hope my flight does not get delayed, because that would screw things up badly.

Anyways not much has been done this week either as I did not really want to start up new games and then have to deal with moving safe files. But I have still managed to complete 4 games.

Challenge progress

ABC challenge - 3/27 games completed, 2 unfinished (games from this challenge are going to be marked in pink)
Challenge me - 3/5 games completed (games from this challenge are going to be marked in blue)

Completed SG wins

  • The Grandfather
    The Grandfather

    49 minutes playtime

    no achievements

  • SQR🔲

    7 hours playtime

    16 of 16 achievements

The Grandfather - I was not a fan of this game. I didn’t like the art style itself, the puzzles made no sense what so ever and it actually made me nauseous - and it wasn’t because of the gore or whatever, it was something with the movement. I am not exactly what is wrong with it, but I am not someone who usually gets motion sickness. There were only 2 games before who gave me this in my life.
SQR🔲 - This game was quite hard at the beginning since the tutorial is completely useless, but once I got the hang of it wasn’t all that hard (but I did cheat a little and used screenshots of someone else’s solutions to solve some levels). While the concept behind the game is good, the execution is not so good. As I already mentioned the tutorial is bad, but the game is also buggy to the point it wont let you select levels correctly, not will it give you any indication to which levels you have already completed.

Other completed games

  • The Cooking Game
    The Cooking Game

    54 hours playtime

    48 of 49 achievements

  • Pony Island
    Pony Island

    5 hours playtime

    20 of 20 achievements

The Cooking Game - I am a sucker for casual cooking games (Cook, Serve, Delicious 2 could you please come out already, thanks) and I really enjoyed the first 25 or so hours I played, but after that I started it find more and more boring and repetitive. Plus one restaurant is literally impossible to complete even after the devs have lowered the difficulty of it twice. I did complete every thing else but that restaurant tho.
Pony Island - It is just as good as people say, I did really enjoy it, especially the “programming” puzzles.

Sg wins that I have started

  • BlazeRush

    3 hours playtime

    3 of 21 achievements

  • World of Goo
    World of Goo

    10 minutes playtime

    0 of 8 achievements

They are both from the ABC challenge and will be finished once I get back home.


I had to ragequit World of Goo about halfway through (which is too bad, since it was an SG win). But I’m apparently terrible at physics games– you’ll probably do fine. Good luck!

🐁 MouseWithBeer 🐁

I only played the first 4 so far and had no problems, but then again it was the first 4 levels :P Thank you! ^^