Updated Weekly Games #2

Cirno's Perfect Summer Vacation

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Cirno is a game I've played many times before but still have no idea what the hell happened. After reading the page I think I get it a bit but its not a 10 minute game for me and I'm not a fan of touhou so idk who anyone is

Quest: Escape Room Series

3 games

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Quest escape room 1 + 2 follows a dude who got kidnapped by his date and after escaping spends a while researching why and trying to take them down.

Quest escape room 3 however follows a group of people who have to escape and rescue their 4th member of the team, but they can die in this game

None of them have a giant amount of story, its just really solving puzzles like a real escape room with a tiny bit of lore information and junk. Kinda hard to recommend when they clearly need a 4th game

Last week I had 3 new games this time 4 old. I took a couple of days off last week so my gaming kinda slowed to a halt, plus I also hit a bump with the trick and trick remake as I have 0 idea how to complete it. On good news though, they are bringing out the updated look for corpse party and I am so excited. Feel kinda cheated having to rebuy a game but it also comes with all the bonus missions we missed + 2 brand new ones so its kinda okay. I mean its corpse party I love it