Finished in May(4-6)

  • Spirit of the North

    6 hours playtime

    19 of 24 achievements

Spirit of the North


Nice game about a fox on a journey. A bit of platforming, some riddles, everything just enough to avoid “walking sim” genre. A story is a bit shallow, but I always appreciate effort to tell something without words. I think the devs are a bit inexperience, because I saw a lot of little bugs and problems with design. Nothing particulary bad, just bits and pieces which can be a bit improved. Visuals are pretty although I must say the first level looks the worst, which again, is a bit of mistake. But all in all it was a very nice little game.

  • Eagle Island

    22 hours playtime

    4 of 27 achievements

Eagle Island


My SG win. It’s a mix between traditional platformer and roguelite platformer. The overall world is fixed, but smaller “dungeons” you are going through are random generated. I liked this game - it was a solid platformer with most things done in the right way. And I didn’t get bored even if some levels kicked mt butt hardly before I managed to beat them.

  • Last Dream

    29 hours playtime

    44 of 236 achievements

Last Dream

6/10 - unfinished

My old SG win and my attempt to beat a long game in this month. I didn’t finish it, because I got totally bored half way through. It’s just run of the mill 100% standard jRPG, with everything good and bad in this genre, there were some extra things, mostly optional puzzles, which went from very clever to ridiculuos. All in all for the fans of the genre. Oh - one more thing - the main character is incredibly stupid. I don’t like being forced to do things which are obviously bad ideas, so there’s that.


What is it with JRPGs and having main characters that would struggle with finding their way out of a paper bag? I’ve played quite a few over the years where the main character is just a complete idiot, someone who, with their way they’re acting, would struggle to be able to survive on their own. And on top of that, they’re often very unpleasant to other people around them, for seemingly no reason (and for some reason, people around them just seem to accept this, and still want to hang out with them).


This one is not even speaking. But I am forced to do series of quests to find an artefact which I KNOW destroyed the whole civilization by accident. Just because a king asked me to do this (asked. Not forced). And I killed the only sane guy who was trying to stop me. The second guy told me something like “oh no - you wont be able to find artefact. I hided the key! Oh btw - here is the location of this key.”