• The Council

    16 hours playtime

    42 of 42 achievements

Report #271: The Council

Multi-ending video game

Oh yeah, finally I got time to play on of these games again. Having one thrilling story where from time to time you can explore the surrounding and have multiple ways to get to the end.

The game starts very strong, having the option between basically 3 playstyles by selecting a starting class. This will allow you to get specific options in dialogs or when analysing objects. If you do not have a specific skill, you need to take a different path. Also there are a many achievements in Episode 1 tied to decisions.

Unfortunately Episode 2-5 do only have achievements to complete the story. And it seems to me that the episodes are getting shorter and shorter towards the end.

Overall a very cool game. A bit a mash up of Sherlock Holmes and Walking Dead. But without quick time events