Nonsense report #5 - July 2020

SG games

Hope Lake

4 hours, 30 of 30 achievements

It's a regular HOG, not bad, puzzles are decent and not extremely hard, lacks of map so that's a bad point when you need to go to the other side of the place to get something and back

Little Farm

10.8 hours, no achievements

The idea is not bad, however it gets repetitive after a while and stressing when a lot of things happens at the same time, couldn't recommend completely


2 hours, 13 of 27 achievements

This games is controversial so I will not comment on this one, played for PoP July-August-September event

Non SG games


0.8 hours, 8 of 8 achievements

I love pancakes

Yakuza 0

156 hours, 55 of 55 achievements

Played for a bet, the game is awesome, you always have something to do, filled with references, good graphics, characters and story, I recommend it a lot (but not to 100% it)
Very Hard to Impossible

Yakuza Kiwami

32 hours, 27 of 55 achievements

Shorter than Zero, still wonderful, I preffer the story from this one than Zero, it's really interesting and sad, will 100% it eventually as well


Wow some pretty long games beaten/completed this month! Congratulations!!

Also, your mention of ‘Completionist difficult Easy’ for Helltaker makes me feel bad bahaha. I really struggled in the boss fight and ended up giving up :P


Yeah basically the whole month was dedicated to Yakuza, Kiwami actually was a last minute call, I’ve beaten it less than hour ago just at midnight local time so it fits here

About Helltaker…. mmm took me about 2-3 tries just the last phase, didn’t find it that hard, other friends had issues with a fast phased minigame on Yakuza, maybe I’m good at those


Yeah with so many hours logged, if it wasn’t most of your month I’d be shocked haha. I’m amazed you completed it!
And yeah that totally counts - I’d even say it counted if you finished a day or so after the month ended with a larger game..

Oh nice. Yeah I really struggle at reaction based games like that. I got up to the last phase and just kept failing. After 20-30 minutes I just gave up haha
It definitely is a skill!


Congrats on your great progress. Still not sure how you completed Yakuza 0, you crazy person 😜