1st Try

5.4 hours

I think this game slightly over stays its welcome because you need at least 3 playthroughs to 100% it. It also has an annoying achievement of walking everywhere for which when I tried my 1st time it straight up made me lose day 3. Thanks for the randomness and how your 1st 2 playthroughs are hopefully different day 1, its not totally annoying. Day 1 has 3 random events, day 2 and 3 have 2 while day 4 is just 1 but actually has 2 different versions, plus depending on what you had before some items can be used for the next day.

I can see why this is more expensive because its much bigger in every aspect. However I did enjoy the shortness of the trilogy. This does get my favourite of the whole set but that is just because we experience it more, it fishes you in with its variety of characters, story, random events. Making you wonder what the best scenario for custom mode would be, but it does lose those great game points because it does feel to much.