Weekly Games #96

1 Moment Of Time: Silentville

7.8 hours, 43 of 43 achievements

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This game was originally deleted. I must've gotten to the 1st hog and got annoyed by how it played because going into it now I saw no problem. The controls are slightly awkward when trying to move backwards but I liked the story. Sure there wasn't much happening but I enjoyed the little talks I had with people and during the expert playthrough I was appreciating having to pair everything up. It wasn't just me spending the next 2 hours clicking everywhere because there's to many items on the list for me to bother to actually look. It really wasn't as bad as I expected, so it won't be deleted again

Endless Fables: The Minotaur's Curse

6.2 hours, 33 of 33 achievements

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I actually enjoyed this game. I like hogs but typically its like yeah I like you as in to play a short game not I enjoy you for the actual story and stuff but I did this time. I enjoyed finding the new powers to defeat the minotaur and I didn't feel like it was overplayed. I liked the people we came across and those poor sirens. You looked a little dirty but you were still pretty girls! Plus I actually enjoyed doing the bonus story which I normally groan at

Endless Fables 2: Frozen Path

9.3 hours, 28 of 28 achievements

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Oh what an adventure. One moment I'm drowning for the 50th time and then the next I'm fighting a kraken and the undead. We got to rescue so many animals. Idk whether I enjoyed the story and stuff more of which game but I sure did enjoy it and thats what matters!

Endless Fables 3: Dark Moor

2.5 hours, 31 of 31 achievements

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I couldn't enjoy myself with this game. From the very 1st opening cutscene I knew it wasn't right, the cutscene was very buggy and it didn't improve by the time I entered the game. I would spend to much time on black screens and whenever I needed to use something to progress it was slow. After seeing it carried onto the main game I considered just dropping it before I got my 1st achievement. With the reviews I saw the same problems occurring. A few had bugged out games like me and then the other thing I noticed was the jumpscares. It felt out of place compared to the last. The last 2 games were like mythical beings and stuff. It wasn't scary and had a purpose. Yet this time round it tries to play up a weird creepy factor? We end up in this weird ghost like territory with random jumpscares thrown in and it ruins the experience. I was already hating it because how laggy it was but then it has this just random horror story instead! Only good thing about this game is that it lets you know if any collectibles are around you

Oh but hey the bonus chapter worked fine, I didn't notice any lagging or anything. However the bonus chapter feels like a different game! We went from horror to talking cats

Beyond: Two Souls

11.7 hours, 30 of 45 achievements

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I love this game, this and heavy rain were the only reason I had a ps3 and the only ones I actually owned and played properly. The game gets a lot of hate, its an awkward game. If you stick to the original format then it will be messed up. You go from one age and event to another, its a mystery that you have to piece altogether. The fighting isn't the easiest. A lot of this game requires some sort of action, whether its the annoying qtes or fighting off entities. Alot of the hate is towards the fighting but I don't mind it. I knew what I was going into before I played it the 1st time. It has no button presses you got to be focusing on Jodie and move the direction she is. I managed to beat all except 1 fight (which I failed horribly after missing a day) with barely even 1 hit on me each time. With a bit of patience its not hard to get used to. The thing that disappointed me the most about this game is for the fact I missed stuff. I knew what I was doing so I never realised the ps4 version, which this is, added items in. I only found out after I got to a certain point and I looked normal not like an emo. But hey I got to replay it again for all the bad choices so I'll pay attention to it then. I'll probably talk about the remix version to since I'll be playing that next

Crash Bandicoot™ N. Sane Trilogy

20.4 hours, 50 of 74 achievements

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At the start of playing this I didn't really like it. I didn't grow up with crash to have a nostalgia factor while playing. I played it like once when I was a kid and idk what one it was because its all the same of break the boxes and jump. When I started I managed to die over 10 times on the 1st level thats how bad I sucked, I'm not used to perfect jumping and you die if you get hit once. I had just came off from spyro where I had at least a 3 hit buffer before I would die to another hit. Then when playing it, it was like huh its just the same thing, The areas are the same, the thing you do is the same and boring. However by island 2 I was getting better. I had no trouble getting the 99 health that is apparently a bit of trouble. I actually started to enjoy myself trying to collect all the gems

The 1st game isn't the best. There's not much story except from the very start and barely even the end. For someone who focuses on story more then everything it wasn't that good but hey the 1st spyro was the same. While it had a bit more story to this, it was in the end just go into each level and replace boxes with easier to get dragons. I wasn't a fan of the moving about either. You are stuck on 3 islands and if you want something from anywhere not near you, you have to move through each and every level to get there. With alot of the levels needing coloured gems to complete you are better off beating the games, making sure to collect all the gems and then go back from the the very start and work your way up again

The 2nd game was my favourite. It has more story then before and while I struggled more I found it easier to complete. The coloured gems didn't require waiting to the very end to get and they weren't as important to actually beat each level which was great. Because of that I didn't need to move to each area so I didn't need to figure out which level I had to be on. I did like the new level design but it was slightly annoying when coming back from a bonus level to reach the top again.

The 3rd game is confusing. I love the level design, all levels are right next to each other so there's no annoyances of trying to get to each part. However because of that unless you know what number each one is you will be opening up each warp just to get it. I liked how unique each level was, with brand new minigames. However I hated those minigames. I didn't like the car racing, I couldn't stand the waterboat levels, the plane one wasn't to bad but I didn't like that, I didn't like the new animal run (even if its a cutie) and I hated the new water levels. The biggest part I didn't like though was that relics are important this game. Before you could ignore them but now you cant. You need to collect all the relics so you can unlock the stupid extra levels with the coloured gems. Before this I had ignored all the relics in the past 2 games so it was clear I didn't want to be forced this way. It ruined the rest of the game because I didn't feel like destroying all the boxes when I had no idea if it was about to be ruined by a blocked off area.

In the end I gave this game a try. I activated it since I was getting spyro anyway and I don't hate it. I will not though be thinking yeah I want the 4th game on pc or that I must buy it ever.

So this week was a short one with many brought games. With the new points I ended up buying 3 backgrounds that were over 15 quid combined. Cant remember the true number but I know the 1st one I brought was 8 and the others I said no to for being to expensive as well. The games I brought didn't go as planned. Before the day of my pay I went through checking all the previous prices games were and it turns out they were cheaper not that long ago. I don't mind paying a bit more like I did with phoenix wright as long as I feel like its worth it. That game I know its quite long so I'm willing to pay a quid or 2 more but a game that will take less then 2 hours I don't think its that worth it, especially when I don't see myself playing quick enough.

The games I kept were at home 2, alicemare, yakuza 2, phoenix wright and monster prom dlc (with that finding it cheaper elsewhere). I decided to get steins gate because it was the 1st thing I thought of. It's a bit more expensive then others I could've brought but I've heard its a good series and all 5 games are on the longer side. I also managed to snap up the other games when I got given an extra 6 bucks so of course more games. I had a little spare from the main ones I was buying so I thought I'd go for princess isabella which I would never do normally. However there is an artifex mundi version so I may as well see this older one too and I don't see it being in a bundle

I still have no clue how you can finish so many games in a single week… I congratulated myself for beating 8 in a month. Then I came and saw this…haha.


oh dont look at my tomorrows post then, get to count up all games played in a month and as my friends have told me enough times now im crazy.


I will look and I will feel ashamed of myself lol.


i cant let you do that, just look at the top of this instead its a lower number at least so you will still feel bad but less. After that just dont pay attention to tomorrow. skip tomorrow


38 games BEATEN?! HOW. WHY.
Teach me your ways.
And that is only games which with PAGYWOSG themes.


okay so 1st of you need to not have a life
just never leave your house
Commit to playing games, it will be tiring at times but thats why you join play a win so you have motivation.
You drag yourself through the boring world of playing wins until you beat them all, thats when you unlock backlog playing
After all those months waiting for this moment you start your 1st backlog game, the satisfaction of getting to play whatever your heart desires.
You beat it and you are just amazed, so you continue as that satisfaction seeps through to your very soul
You let it consume you. You dont sleep, you barely eat or drink you just game. As the world crumbles around you, you just play
You must commit your whole life to just playing

I’ll let you decide which parts are true, if there even is a false there, who knows


This is a great answer and I will attempt at following your footsteps.
But… I don’t have any SG wins which I can play. I only won 3 games since I joined.
so …
now what?


there you go, you can skip most of it. without the wins to drag you down you can just play whatever you want :D
Thats how ive done 50 games in 2 months for that event only. Backlog is amazing
Plus you are already in the group

I mean just scroll down on the link I sent you, you can see just how much those wins dragged me down. you dont have that anchor drowning you in responsibility


haha. I am playing whatever I want but still… so many games in such a short time! I’m impressed