Progress Report #11

Hello everyone! :D The BLAEO grow each day passing! It’s good to see more people joining us :D

Sooo the past couple of weeks I mainly played The Witcher 3. I’ve already beaten it a long while ago but I haven’t play the second DLC Blood and Wine yet. But I launched myself a bet that i would beat the game in the hardest difficulty : Death March. And I diiiid it ! It was tought but worth it :D


It was hard yeah, you have too dodge a lot yeah, you can only get hit 3-4 time before you die yeah. And I managed to get some missing achievements along the way like Full Crew, Card Collector and Assassin of Kings.
Btw how cool is the Gwent game ? ;D

I recommend using the poison blade build as it was really usefull for me (you can find it in The Ultimate Death March Build/GUide in the Guides section).


With that finished I was finally able to begin the Blood and Wine DLC (I lowered the difficulty tho, i wanted to “chill” a bit haha). First think I notice is how beautifull Toussaint is ! It is way more green and flowery(?). It reminded me a bit a France (I’m half french) plus the wine is really present in the story and the way they talked is so french. Maybe a bit of Italy too :)

Well I loved the new region from the start! All in all I really like the story, especially the Queen was awesome :) And Regis too ! Well, I really like this DLC and It got a really nice duration. So if you haven’t play it yet, go for it !! :D You won’t regret it !

Ps ; Isn’t Witcher 3 the best game ever made ? The most accomplished at least ? It depends on the person i guess


The only other game I played is Planet Coaster. If you don’t know about it, it is a roller coaster game still in alpha but you could played it just this weekend. And oh man it is awesome ! I can wait to play in Novembre :D I’ll post some links of the “best” youtubers playing this game so you can see its potential :)

Silvarret // Daivous // Rudi Rennkamel

Here are a few but there lots more like Keralis or PiecesOfPrestige :)

Well thanks for reading me ! Good luck on your backlog assasination :) See ya soon!


I wonder if there’s going to be VR support for Planet Coaster.. now that would make it more exciting! But the game and graphics looks quite nice anyway. :)


Yeahh I guess! :) That would be awesome to be able to walk through your park :) I can’t wait to play it ><”


I’m so jelly. You have the rig that’s capable of running these. Plus, you have these games! :D


Ohhh I’m feeling bad now :’( I hope that you will be able to play it one day :)


Eh, don’t feel bad! :)
Do what I do. Enjoy what you have. Appreciate it. I used to drool over the idea of a new computer, but I just started looking at it as “Well, there are so many cool older games that are still available for me to play, so it’s ok.

Arbiter Libera

I keep hearing nothing but praise for Witcher 3 and I have it on GOG, but kinda want to wait until my PC sees gets some upgrades. Might get DLC by then, too.