I hope everyone has been having great fun assassinating their backlogs while I was away. :-)
Things happened, but autumn weather is such a great incentive to get back to gaming.

I replayed ACR (first time I had rushed to finish the story, now I enjoyed it more, just skipped all the Desmond parts). I enjoyed this trilogy so much, although I don’t think I’ll revisit it for a third time, maybe years later. I abandoned Black Flag (naval battles are so not for me, hated that part of the game and really couldn’t endure it just for the rest of it) and the Witcher (too much work, I’m getting older and lazier) and I’m ready to start cleaning up my backlog again.

I had tried Alan Wake and didn’t really like it, so I’ll just remove it. I think I’m going to finish Life goes on, Hitman GO and start The Saboteur. We’ll see how it goes. :-)

EDIT: I also removed World in Conflict, I’m not interested in playing something like this now. Maybe when I’m older :-P


But World on Conflict is great!
Oh wait… does that mean that I’m old? :(


Oh, I’m old, too!! I used to love MOHAA, now I don’t have the patience to play with mouse+keyboard. Maybe because my forearms and hands (and back) are so tired from office jobs, unless I can play sitting comfy with my controller I won’t play.

Blue Ϟ Lightning

Oh hey i remember you


waves back :-)