1st Try

0.11 hours

I picked this game because I just did jellyfish season and honestly when I looked at the art it just made me think huh this could be similar. Turns out I was right. When I started it up and it had log into steam on the bottom corner it made me wanna just delete it without playing. The game somehow requires you to find 3 hidden items but it doesn't explain thats what you are suppose to do. If you don't read the guide you wouldn't know you're suppose to find anything or how unless you for some reason click on this mysterious item that isn't always clear. Its a weird game and honestly I preferred the bad ending compared to the good. At least the bad ending had something when the good didn't. The store page says 2 walkthroughs but does that mean bad+good or 2 good? Cuz I don't trust this game after the menu scene. Plus there's a skip but it doesn't really skip so I don't wanna waste my time for a possible actual ending when I don't enjoy the game

I wanna give this game some good, while I wasn't a fan I do like what it was going for. The whole 4th wall break and groundhog type story I like but it just needed more story to make it work for me. I'd like the see what happened in the timelines we went past