Warhammer 40,000: Gladius - Relics of War

17 hours, 33 of 69 achievements


Warhammer 40,000: Gladius - Relics of War is a rather streamlined 4X game. 4 races from 40k fight over a planet, and as this is the 40k universe there is only war. The goal is simply to wipe the other people off the planet.

As a war-focused 4X game, Gladius is really fun. It does a good job representing its source material, and it's a generally quite enjoyable experience. but it is a bit lacking in content. With so much less to do than in Civ, or even the developer's previous game, Pandora, having only 4 races does not quite feel enough. But still, fans of 4X games should check this out. Maybe wait for a sale though?

(Also, orks are the best)

Heroes Chronicles Chapter 4-6

21 hours, no achievements


I've previously reviewed earlier parts of Heroes Chronicles. Everything said there is still true, these are just more Heroes of Might and Magic 3. If you decide to play these, beware of the second level of Chapter 5, it's really tough.

Her Majesty's SPIFFING

1.6 hours, 14 of 25 achievements


I was, truth to be told, a bit disappointed with this one. The idea is charming. You've got a very British crew of two on board of a space ship, who have been sent out to spread the British empire. Expect a fare few jokes about British people, and their habits. Sadly I thought the game had a real over-reliance on breaking the 3rd wall. A really large portion of the jokes in here were 3rd wall breaking, and it did get old. The game also has very few locations, and while the locations are detailed with a fare few things to interact with, it really could have used at least double the locations. I get that they were making this one a shoe-string budget, but calling attention to the fact, repeatedly, does not make it any less of a problem.

Close Combat: The Bloody First

9 hours, no achievements


This is another game I wrote a review for, so link at the bottom of the post! Finally Close Combat has entered the 3rd dimension!

Millennium - A New Hope

3 hours, 11 of 52 achievements


So the girl wants to change the world because squirrels are nice to each other. Yep, that's the story.

Millennium actually started out well enough, even if it was a bit cliche. Your father has been hurt, and you need to run an errand for him. And this results in adventure!
The first few areas of the game are actually rather good. They don't overstay their welcome, and while the game errs on the side of easy, it's actually a pleasant little JPRG. And then the girl sees some squirrels, who are nice to each other, and decides that tyranny needs to be overthrown by removing democracy and invoking martial law. Yep, not making that up. Martial law according to this game is when a few skilled fighters step up and challenge each other for the throne, which makes everyone think that voting is a bad idea because fighting is cool. And that is how you beat tyranny!

And directly following this idea to overthrow tyranny by getting rid of democracy you have to cross a mountain, and here the level design goes from passable to awful. I checked a guide to see if it's just this area that's designed in such a way, and nope, the quality of the game just takes a nose dive and never recovers, so I'll not force myself to play any further, and thus I've not just marked this game as "won't play", but also the rest of the series. That's -5 games for my backlog for the price of one!

Review for Close Combat: The Bloody First


I read it, decent review my dude. I might get this one because I’m a little baby and like 3d presentation