Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts is done and dusted on the PS4. Pretty fun game. I liked Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 better, but what Contracts really does is (mostly) focuses on the actual gameplay mechanics, namely that sweet sweet sniping mechanic CI Games has built that is hands down the best in gaming…and stealth. You can definitely run and gun if you so choose, but given the focus of the game, stealth factors in more prominently. It’s inevitable that you’ll have to fend off some close up baddies with your machine gun or pistol, but with proper planning, you can also go with sniping almost exclusively, and can actually even keep your runs bloodless (outside of your bounty targets and mission targets of course) should you desire. This game really takes a page from Killzone Mercenaries, a title you might have played if you own a Vita, inasmuch as each mission is more a self contained set of contracts and goals, despite being part of the overarching story, such as it is. Speaking of which, the story is more a side note to the gameplay. There is enough there to keep things interesting, and the setting itself is pretty cool, but mostly, it is an enhancement rather than the main flavor. Graphics are top tier, or close enough to it. Kill animations aren’t as insane as in the Sniper series, but they are still pretty cool nonetheless, and where the Sniper series focuses on the kills themselves, Sniper Ghost Warrior pays more attention to the bullet itself. Anyway, there is a lot of replay value trying to hit all your optional goals and exploring new ways to travel the maps, etc…

I’m also probably 75-80% of the way through Days Gone, but after what is probably somewhere around 60 hours already, I kind of needed a break. That said, Days Gone is kind of the Yin to Dying Light’s Yang. Where Dying Light features the superior gameplay (Days Gone features a more Far Cry style of gameplay overall), Days Gone definitely features the superior story. Both are excellent games, and I would rate them similarly. Anyway, probably another 20ish hours left to go.

Also started Pilgrims, which is a hugely quirky point and click game with a fairly unique way of using cards instead of inventory slots for necessary items. Not really sure how much more I have left to go, but I’d guess I’m between a third and halfway through ATM.

I have RDR2 queued up next, along with ISLANDERS and a couple other games, but I am kind of waiting on RDR2 until after I upgrade my rig end of this month beginning of next. So maybe I’ll see about playing through my winter sale purchases and other gifts first.