Weekly Games #76


20.5 hours, 32 of 46 achievements
sg win

Oh this was an amazing game. It's sad and beautiful, just so much better then its prequel. I loved Renie as a character and Spot was just so adorable compared to its old art. Definitely one of the best Daedalic games

Half-Life 2


14.6 hours
27 of 27 achievements

I'm not going through this again before I play the sequel for POP so here it is. I found this to be quite easy to get all the achievements. I was of course looking at the achievements to see what I need to do to get the most in 1 playthrough but considering you need to do this at least 3 times you should manage to get them quite easily. Plus those achievements can change the story quite a big amount that its actually worth going through them anyway. Now it might get a bit annoying when you are doing your 3rd one, at least since you won't see a big enough change compared to what you were before, but I still believe that if you like it, it will be worth it

Half-Life 2

Town of Salem

589.6 hours
361 of 361 achievements

I've talked about the achievements slightly but not really into too much detail. I mentioned how they will unlock on steam altogether and that it doesn't need to be a linked steam account to unlock, which is how I got them all through using what I can to my advantage. Show me the rule where it says no achievement snatching!

Anyway this game is a huge pain. You need to at least win 25 games as each role, which you will get gradually, but damn it sure isn't that easy as certain roles to win when you no longer get a proper game most of the time. The rest is again like left 4 dead pure luck. Sure you can rig most of them with a friend but its rather hard alone since a bunch of roles require hitting yourself or your team which can only happen with a witch or a transporter. Other ones are very luck based like where you need 2 roles to survive to full power and then find each other! Plus you will need a dlc for like half of them. I should've stuck to browser playing since it didn't even work properly for over 4 years

Half-Life 2

Left 4 Dead 2

23.1 hours
40 of 70 achievements

I can actually take a screenshot of the ingame achievements but I'm to lazy to prove anything. Most of them I managed to rig up through split screen since I just want to get this as high up in the achievements as I can possibly could before leaving it. Now these achievements aren't the easiest to get. They require a lot of time and luck to get, which is to be expected of a multiplayer game. Plus there are some impossible achievements which seem to come back around every now and then, however they are a rare occurrence. So overall I class this as an achievements hunter nightmare since it will take to much time and effort to go through it

I've had a lot of motivation this week. I take part in the play a sg win thread and I have ever since Mouse took over. I've always managed to complete at least 1 a month apart from those dreadful months without my laptop. Since steam I've ended up becoming someone who wants that 100%, alot of people I know thinks it stupid but to me I enjoy it but it does stress me out. I've made it clear I don't play my games normally. I play mainly for the story so if there's anyway I can help my gaming along I'll take it dammit! However the event, especially since the website happened got a lot of people including Abdy who I cant find on blaeo since its been to long They are who I strive to be. I'm just seeing them complete these huge games that I couldnt dream of, I even said it Here Most of the time I just beat it enough and call it day for my blaeo stuff, I've even got upcoming stuff where I'm like do I call it a day on the first bit or do I actually just wait 3 months and do it then. Idk, you dont know, we all dont know.

I'm gonna split it up since it's getting quite long now. Ages ago I actually said I would talk a bit about the achievements and stuff and I did do it slightly but after a while I just got lazy and rushed through. I no longer keep time of my games either but that's for different reasons. So I want to try something and if I can get it to work change things up a bit. I'm not about to be like oh this is how I'm playing now no, that's not what is happening. So hold your damn horses. I don't even properly know when it will happen since well I mean look at my posts this month. It's pretty pitiful now. I have done it quickly now which I decided at 10pm yesterday but that's just to get those 3 out the way which screw sorting out later. Oh damn I'm running out of space so time to wrap it up. Good luck with your gaming guys and enjoy them not mouse though, dont think she can. Love ya mouse :P

Post looks nice đź‘Ť

And I totally agree that Spot is a cutie in Silence (can’t say anything about its predecessor since I have not played it yet).


spot just looks so derpy in whispered world and kinda looks fat, while in silence he’s of course cute but just his natural body shape looks like an actual body then a bunch of rolls pushed together. cant even look on the page since it doesnt show spot in normal form


I get where you’re coming from with 100%ing games. I still try to get 100% in every game I can, but… but I think we should also be ready to let something go. Sometimes it’s just too much to do. Although yes, other ppl might be able to make it, that doesn’t automatically mean everybody has to go the extra mile. Sometimes… one just can’t. So don’t stress yourself out too much. Mostly try enjoying gaming. If this means you have games you want to 100% go for it! \o/ But if you don’t want to, then don’t :)


I wholeheartedly agree đź‘Ť


im just in a better mood now which is why ive decided to go for this. ive done so much changing in the past month and more but im finally settling down and becoming motivated again


Sounds good. Go for it! \o/