2016-12 Report

Happy New Year, assassins! I fell off the horse this month. Planned so much, but got caught up in so much else, that I ended up only beating one game, and one that was also added this month. :/ My slowest month ever since the beginning of BLAEO. I got an automatic addition to my library since Pixel Puzzles Ultimate magically appeared there and I was also gifted TIS-100 and This War Of Mine by the awesome keohookalani and nellyneko. Thanks again! :P

Games Beaten This Month (1)



Gifted Backlog+
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21 hours playtime, 9 of 10 achievements (90%)

What’s missing to 100%?

  • Solve every puzzle in the TIS-NET directory.

Games Added This Month (2)

Games that were both added and removed this month are not included in this count.


My score is the sum of games beaten and completed this month, and The Backlog’s score is the sum of games added this month (including the ones both added and removed).

revilheart (1) The Backlog (3)
revilheart was assassinated this month!

I’ll have to play TIS-100 as well, someday.
I had some Assembler lesson during studying IT and it wasn’t horrible for me unlike to most of my friends :P


Well then you might just enjoy it. :P


Hey, it’s still not bad! (Plus, great additions is not really a loss ;p)

Happy New Year to you too :)


Yeah, at least I didn’t add many games. I got lucky though (or unlucky), because I entered giveaways like crazy last month. :P


TIS is really great. I started off in December with Infinifactory – it’s great, too, because all the Zachtronics games are. But just like SpaceChem, at some point it got a little too tedious for me; I couldn’t just see a clear way to the solution for the levels, I couldn’t pinpoint which smaller “modules” I would use, and I wasn’t too fond of just going at it without a plan.

So … I took to TIS from there – less spatial thinking, more … well … figuring out how to solve stuff with that single puny register ;) But after rushing through the first few levels, the later levels got somewhat more taxing, so I couldn’t solve more than one in a sitting (or not even one – I think that sorting torture cost me more than a few attempts ;) … when I needed a break from TIS, I remembered I also had a key for Human Resource Machine – that one was far easier and something like a refreshing break from TIS :D HRM was actually an easy 100%.

I think there’s only one program left on the TIS segment map. Maybe I’ll have a try now :) … and I’ll have to check if you beat my optimizations somewhere ;)


Zachtronics’ games are really something, I enjoyed SpaceChem as well. It became tedious for me too, especially the assignments involving sequences, those were the worst. I have a lot of them left in the TIS-NET directory.

Oh and I doubt that, I think most of my solutions were the worst among my friends. :) Maybe I’ll go back and see if I can optimize them.


Hi, revil. I’m about your last theme script. Just want you to know that it doesn’t work well in Firefox. I can write anything instead of Steam API key and it’ll work fine in Chrome, but in Firefox it shows only beaten/completed ones but not those games that I have.
Nope, I was wrong. It was my fault, ‘cause I made mistake when I copy-paste API key. After I reinstall script and paste right key it works fine, sorry to bother ^^,


No worries. ^^