July report


  • Armello

    33 hours playtime

    14 of 50 achievements

  • Beholder

    5 hours playtime

    14 of 60 achievements

  • Firewatch

    5 hours playtime

    10 of 10 achievements

  • Human: Fall Flat

    10 hours playtime

    37 of 75 achievements

  • Life is Strange 2

    16 hours playtime

    35 of 46 achievements

  • Return of the Obra Dinn

    9 hours playtime

    15 of 16 achievements


  • Overcooked! 2

    8 hours playtime

    9 of 54 achievements

  • Watch_Dogs 2

    12 hours playtime

    16 of 55 achievements

Games/DLCs added to my Steam library:

  • Firewatch
  • Life is Strange 2
  • Return of the Obra Dinn
  • Tools Up! (Gift)

So much watching :eyes:


Beholder? I barely even Firewatched her!


Is there a end condition to Armello? A campaign or something? I see there is an achievement for the prologue and then a few with winning a game with a specific character.

Eleonora Falcon

I also have Armello so I felt I might be able to answer your question.
As far as I know there is only a tutorial. After talking with some friends I decided that completing the tutorial would be “beaten” and if I ever get all the achievements it will be “completed”. But there is no end condition that I know of.


Thanks for chipping in! Playing only the tutorial of a game feels like a bit short to consider the game beaten, but I’ll see about it when I get my hands on it.


The end condition is pretty much whatever you decide it to be. HLTB seems to support what Eleonora said - with a 1h30min completion time people seem to just mark it as beaten as soon as they finish the prologue (=tutorial), without even playing a proper match.
I’ve now played (and lost :P) quite a lot of online matches, tried out most of the characters and got all types of wins except one (I don’t like that victory type) so I feel like I can say I’ve beaten it. I’ll definitely keep playing it, though.


Thanks! I remember seeing that completion time, hence my doubts. I’m just afraid of going into the online matches and getting destroyed, since I’m usually no good at these type of games. But I guess I’ll discover that when I start playing it (some day… soon TM).


I’d say the AI is pretty okay so you can play some offline matches before seeing how you’d do against actual people. :)
All my friends are merciless when it comes to playing games like Armello so my experience with being destroyed is probably worse than if I just played the game with random people.


I’ll keep that in mind, then. Thanks once again!


How’s watch doge 2 so far?


Watching and petting dogs 2 has been nice so far! To be honest, I pretty much only bought it because I started watching Mr. Robot during the summer and I needed some more “hacking” in my life. :) The map is huuuge, the side quests are interesting, the story is decent so far, the gameplay seems varied so I definitely recommend it, especially if you got it free from Ubisoft recently.