The Walking Dead: The Final Season

Play Time
11 hours
37 of 48
Fun Rating
4 out of 5

The good

So let's get this out first, the best part of the game was to have this final season completed. The graphics are also pretty great. I checked a few older Walking Dead games and it sure looks a lot more polished to me now. The cast of characters wasn't half bad and it wasn't as boring as the last game (New Frontier). But Clem, she is in a league of her own! I really enjoyed her character. Definitively one of the most memorable character I could play in a video game.

Now, as it was usual with Telltale Games, you still wonder if most (if not all?) choices have any meaning in the long run. Though the illusion here worked fairly well most of the time and there were many very hard choices to make as well. It turned out to be one really emotional game at times as well.

The bad

Some achievements are really stupid, some will require a second playthrough. I mean seriously, I checked what I missed and I was glad I stopped worrying about achievements. Also, being unable to skip dialogues can make this a pain to complete. And I won't even talk about checking all choices since you can't skip anything... Thankfully YouTube is there to satisfy my curiosity and I was able to see what I missed (or not most of the times). There are still a few plot holes left as well and questionable development. Some parts nearly made me hate the game also, especially some fighting or combat scenes. It's clunky and often fairly boring or badly executed. I really didn't enjoy these.


Being able to enjoy the conclusion of that series is definitively the best part. But that said, the game is far from perfect and if I wanted to be harsh I'd say it is a kinda mediocre game? But then I think that despite everything that happened to the staff at the time, they still managed to deliver this conclusion to us. So overall, yes I am left with mixed feelings. It could have been better, some things could have been different. But in the end, I chose to keep a positive outlook on the story. And I really am happy to have been able to play/watch this final season in its entirety and to have been able to reach the conclusion of this series. I may not have liked everything but I still really enjoyed this Final Season. Plus Clem is a badass.