Update Three Hundred and Forty-Four: 4 November 2019

Lost Girl's [Diary]

.7 hours playtime, 10 of 10 achievements


Oh, man, what a bad VN. Short review for a short game:

Some fuckoff teenagers get together to tell short, poorly translated, unscary stories. You hear five of them. They’re like three minutes apiece. That’s it. That’s all. Nothing else happens. That’s it.

The art is way, WAY better than it has any rights to be, though it falls in an uncanny valley of being, like, a little TOO lively and expressive? The painterly CGs are also very good and do not deserve to be in this game.

It’d be an easy, free 100% except for an achievement where you have to click 9000 times. You’ll be clicking ABOUT 500 times through the story. Fuck these guys.

Next up: Okay, come on, come on, good VN now—okay, okay, more ebi-hime. Let’s dig into—

See you soon!


3 in 1 day amazing


See! I’ve returned!


Aaaa I was away for so long I missed update 333. Will try to comment on 345 :D


Hahaha, be prepared!


it seems like your recent posts link to the wrong steam page!


Oh, no shit? Oh, damn! Let me fix that! Thanks for the heads up!

{distant} May

HAH! …told ya! You wouldn’t like it! I was right!

…but in all seriousness, clicking achievements might be fine depending on who you ask. Some people like clicking a lot, but all people would be satisfied by the knowledge that auto-clickers exist and they work wonders.

That being said, all hail ebi-hime!