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November. Report #003

Oh noes it’s actually winter here! An endless period of time when I suffer under the layers of blankets;_;
November was an average gaming month for me so here’s a small list of completed/beaten games:

Completed in November (SG Wins):

Damn it was cool! I really enjoyed Downfall. It’s weird and dark, it has an unique style, great story, awesome soundtrack and man, that voice acting! Woooaaaah, I want more!

Rakuen is an emotional fairy tale that made me cry. Cry a lot. I feel heartbroken, I feel totally destroyed. It’s not a game. It is a masterpiece. If you have it in your backlog, if you like story-driven games with unforgettable characters and amazing soundtracks plEASE, PLAY IT!

Old Man’s Journey was surprisingly good. It has charming visuals, relaxing music and simple puzzles. It’s short, but it was perfect for me!

Completed in November:

I remember my ex-friend once recommended me the Rusty Lake series. So I’ve started it with Rusty Lake Paradise and… I don’t think I’ll dig into other parts. This one is an okay puzzle game. Also really short and super cheap! But no, meh/10 from me, I’m sorry, Maria.

Ugh, I dunno. Empty Horizons was a weird VN experience for me. The art is adorable, but unfortunately this game sucks. There’s no story, there’s no actual choice, there’s no sense! You can call me a fool but I didn’t get this VN.

After that I tried another ebi-hime game named Six Days of Snow and I wasn’t happy to play it. Anyway, thanks for an easy 100%.

The Low Road is a slow point and click adventure with a great aesthetic style and boring gameplay. Probably the biggest disappointment of the month.

November Achievements Hunting:

Game of the Month:

I am completely addicted to this game. Definitely recommended.

Any plans?

No, NEVER AGAIN! I SUCK at planning things. But we start with The Wolf Among Us!

Happy December everyone!



Enjoy The Wolf Among Us! It’s one of my favorite Telltale games, along with Tales from the Borderlands.

slavic toska

Thanks! Glad you’ve enjoyed it! I’ve just finished it and I don’t really know what I feel. I liked it but… I expected more from this game:(


Hi there! Thanks for the update, fellow completionist!

  • I keep having people recommend Rakuen. I should try to fit it in somewhere.
  • Old Man’s Journey had such an interesting game mechanic, don’t you think? It actually took me a while to get the hang of it.
  • I took a look at Six Days of Snow because free, and I now I think I know why you said, “I wasn’t happy to play it.” Ew, pedophilia. What’s with these people?
  • I was wondering about The Low Road. Thanks for the warning…
  • Did you play Never Alone with one or two players? How did the game mechanics work for you? I’m wondering if it’s better solo or co-op.
  • I enjoyed The Wolf Among Us, but not as much as The Walking Dead. I thought it was going to be like TWD, but with werewolves. Nope.
slavic toska

You will never forget Rakuen. This game is just so cute and warm and… I literally have no words to describe the whole experience. It has a special place in my heart.

Yep, same here with Old Man’s Journey. I was kinda surprised once I figured out how it works! And I liked it!

Oh, you are damn right. I was wondering why the Six Days of Snow exists but you know… you can find even worse things in games… like rape etc. Jeez. Disgusting.

I swear I wanted to like The Low Road but I can’t. It’s super boring. The story is meh, the puzzles are easy and your character moves soooo slooooooow and it ruins everything! I regret playing this game. And I think it doesn’t deserve your time.

I wish I played Never Alone with one of my friends! I played it on my own and at some point it was a lil bit difficult to control both of your characters. Near the end of the game you need to do things really fast you move trees with one character and jump with the other: move the tree up-jump-move the tree down-jump and DON’T FALL DOWN MY BOY YOU’LL DROWN! And I died like… 20 times? Oof. The most annoying moment for me XD I’m sure it’s better in co-op mode because the AI often caused me some issues and I was like… AAAAAAA. You know… If you can spend this time with a friend then go! It would be fun I guess :)

I’ve just finished The Wolf Among Us. Aaaaaand… I can’t say I didn’t like it? I’m not disappointed but I expected more from this game. Mixed feelings.


Thanks for the reply, slavic toska. Maybe I’ll wait for a co-op opportunity to play Never Alone. I’m think I’m with you on The Wolf Among Us. I enjoyed it okay, but it just wasn’t what I expected and I think I would have liked what I expected more, hehe. :D


Sneaking in to say I’d definitely recommend Never Alone co-op over solo! Honestly there were parts I probably would’ve stopped if I wasn’t playing with my brother (mostly in the DLC). Certain bits can be a bit tedious but playing with someone adds to the charm, since you can interact/help each other. The atmopshere and everything is superb but the actual gameplay itself is the weaker part in comparison imo.


Detected! Thanks for sneaking commenting. Maybe I’ll see if my kids (8yo) are up to the challenge of trying this co-op. Heck, maybe they can co-op together and I can be working on my backlog while I nap! :)


You and your 200 iq plays are way ahead of us…we’d all become expert backlog assassins if we had kids to do our bidding. :P Hopefully they don’t wake you up fighting over who gets to be the cute fox! haha


I’m interested in Rakuen and The Low Road. Looks like it’s been a good month! congrats :)

slavic toska

Thankies! <3


At first glance I thought you said No, NEVER AGAIN! I SUCK about quitting TWAU, not about planning haha. Was like oh no, I liked that one. :( Though I had health issues pop up after the final chapter, so I got oh so close to the ending but never finished, been wanting to start it from scratch again as I’ve forgotten all of the middle chapters. Hope you like it!

It’s a shame you didn’t enjoy Rusty Lake but I can see how it’s not for everyone. Rakuen is a great lil gem, I’m normally very turned off by RPG maker games but this was a real treat. The music and characters are so lovely. :)

slavic toska

At first glance I thought you said No, NEVER AGAIN! I SUCK about quitting TWAU, not about planning haha.

hahah oohhh sorry for mix up xD

It’s a shame you didn’t enjoy Rusty Lake

Yeah, I know. To be honest I don't like how the game looks. The artstyle... Just not my taste. But the puzzles were okay.

I’m normally very turned off by RPG maker games but this was a real treat.

RPG Maker games have a pretty bad reputation but this one changed my mind about them. I think I'm ready for To The Moon now.


Yeah I played Rakuen and OneShot last year which really opened my eyes about not judging a book by its cover. Will definitely have to keep my eye out for others. Played To the Moon this year, it was a slow beginning 20 mins I’d say but really liked it as it went on. All these games have such lovely music. :) Hope you enjoy it as well!

Arbiter Libera

Oh noes it’s actually winter here! An endless period of time when I suffer under the layers of blankets;_;

I’m not complaining. A week ago we were still wearing short sleeves here in Croatia during November. Cold weather is long overdue.


Hope it wasn’t over a game. ;)

The Wolf Among Us!

Great game despite Telltale’s best efforts to screw it up. Their “gotta surprise the players with each new episode” approach to story kinda messes with what is supposed to be a tight detective story.

slavic toska

Cold weather is long overdue.

Yesterday was the first snow here in Ukraine. I have some kind of arm disease (Raynaud syndrome) so yeah, every winter is such a pain for me. I'm just counting days to the spring.

Hope it wasn’t over a game. ;)

Of course it wasn't xD

The Wolf Among Us

Hmmm you know I have mixed feelings after playing it. I think TWAU is a little overrated game. It was not what I expected it to be. The whole story is weird for me. Maybe I should read the comics:/

Arbiter Libera

If you think TWAU game story is weird wait until you get around to the comics. Game is set up as a prequel to those which sadly kinda deflates a lot of the tension if you’re familiar with the source material. For example, how episode one ends and such.

{distant} May

I’m glad you liked Downfall! I’ve played through the game myself three times to get all achievements (silly me, that’s what I get for going in without a completion-aimed plan) and I’ve seen a playthrough ages before I actually got the game, and YET it still feels like I could go back to it right now - it’s truly one of a kind. You should check out R Michalski’s other games (though I can only speak for The Cat Lady, since I haven’t played Lorelei yet).

slavic toska

I think The Cat Lady will be one of my New Year’s gifts :p I can’t miss this one!

{distant} May

Yay! Can’t wait to see what you think of it :D


I was also destroyed (and surprised) by rakuen. Such a great game. I think you’ll love The Wolf Among Us. Hope you enjoy!