Failures and New Strategies

Hi. It’s been a while since I posted here and I failed miserably to finish my challenge to beat / complete at least 5 games each month in 2019, so I’m changing my strategy a bit to deal with the backlog:

  • I will no longer try to “complete” games without achievements. In the past, I would try to do everything in games without achievements before marking them as completed. From now on, I will be marking them as completed as soon as I am done with them and I did everything I wanted to do.
  • I will no longer try to get random achievements that require a lot of time. Random achievements like a couple from Poker Night At The Inventory are just very unlikely to happen, and they add nothing to the game experience.
  • I will no longer try to get achievements for beating games without dying. These kinds of achievements are just a waste of time, because you can invest a lot of time in your playthrough only to die for something stupid and lose all of that time. I just witnessed this recently while trying to beat The Witcher 2 in insane mode. Nope.

I’m a perfectionist, but perfection comes at the cost of time, and time is precious. So this new strategy is to focus less on getting to that glorious 100% and to use more of my time to actually beat games. I need to stop this mentality that I need to 100% everything, because it is not healthy.

Here is the list of games I beat / completed in the past few months:

I’m currently playing Outlast 2, but I’ll see if I can find something that fits the monthly theme that I haven’t beaten yet.


You know, the best resolution I took was to stop being bothered by achievements! It’s sometimes a bit hard because, I still keep that desire to fully complete a game I loved but at the same time, I noticed that completing a game, most of the times resulted in frustration and me liking a lot less the game I loved before going hardcore achievements hunting.
And it’s true it feels like a waste of time. Especially since I usually end up playing the game to complete it even if the achievements are boring or not fun to achieve instead of simply enjoying my game time.


Unfortunately I can’t be completely unbothered by them yet. The first thing I do before starting any game is to see if it has any missable achievements to make sure I don’t miss anything on my playthrough. But yeah, from now on, if I start being frustrated more than enjoying a game, I’ll definitely drop it.

With The Witcher 2, for example, I enjoyed that game so much that getting most of the achievements just came naturally, because I wanted to play it several times making different choices. The only 2 achievements that were frustrating me were the one to get a five-of-a-kind in poker and the one to beat the game in insane mode, so I won’t be going after those.


I get where you’re coming from. I never bothered with the really grindy or difficult achievement, but I still usually check for missable achievements. I rarely do a second playthrough of any game though, and never for longer ones like Witcher (though I enjoyed the first one so much that I’m frequently tempted to go back to it). There are too many good games out there (and in my library!) to replay old ones.


With games that have a linear story, I don’t replay them either, which is why I check for missable achievements before starting them. But with games that have a non-linear story, I’m often curious to know what would have happened if I chose differently, so I usually replay those. I played The Witcher 2 three times with a different outcome each time, and it added a lot to the experience of the game for me.


Sadly I have to say, you are absolutely right. And with this reminder I shall totally mark my current game as beaten and be done with it.
Thank you for that.
And good luck with your new attack plan \o/


Glad to hear it, and thank you!


When I first saw that particular achievement in Witcher 2 I just thought that they are crazy. Putting something like that into such a long game…. ugh. I was always curious how will you exit the game… will it get autosaved? Can you back up that autosave and in case of dying just put it back in the folder and continue?
How far did you got?


You can save normally, and if you feel like you’re about to die you can just load a previous save and be more careful. The problem is that you can die with one hit sometimes, so there’s usually not enough time to load a previous save before dying. And the second you die, all of your insane saves get immediately corrupted (backing them up doesn’t work).

It’s actually not that hard if you practice on dark mode. You can speedrun through it, not doing any side quests, getting just the skills / armor / swords you need, and avoiding as many fights as you can (Roche’s path is easier). If you keep Quen up at all times, it’s very easy. It can be done in 3-4 hours.

The frustrating part is… I got to the very end. I died for the dragon, because it hit me one time and then my Quen was down, and I wasn’t fast enough to get my Quen back up before it hit me again. I should have just reloaded the second my Quen was down, but things were happening too fast and I didn’t have time to react.


3-4 hours? That’s pretty crazy. XD But I am not surprised anymore, after seeing speedrun of Hollow Knight on glass mode in 45 minutes.

I feel for you, I would destroy my whole table if that happened to me. ;D


First I did not care about achievements at all, then I started to care too much. Now I am just checking before starting the game if there are any missables and if I want to try to get them. Games that need to be completed on several difficulties I have to enjoy a whole lot to do those. I have too many great games to spend my time on several playthroughs of long games, though I do have a category of I still need to complete games. So it really depends on how much I enjoyed them.


Thankfully most games stack difficulties, so you only need to beat it in the hardest one and it unlocks all the ones before.


Yeah, if that is a possibility I’ll try that. Though sometimes it simply is not or you have to first unlock the different difficulties by playing the game first on other difficulties.

Trilled Meow

First of all, it’s important to distinguish if Completed games are about completing all the achievements, or if it is about content (not missing a bunch of quests). A no-death playthrough is an achievement, but not content. I generally go by achievements because the choice is usually obvious–I got all achievements or not. If there are no achievements, then I either I finished the game and didn’t miss anything major I want to do, or I beat it but there is more content that I want to do.

If I beat the first Witcher, which has no achievements, and didn’t miss a ton of significant content I wanted to do, I would just mark it as Complete. So, for games with no achievements, they are Completed if I completed them as much as I’m willing to. They’re Beaten if they are something I want to play more of (visual novel with multiple routes).


That does make more sense than just marking all games without achievements as beaten. I think I’ll use your method from now on, thanks.