I lost my templates after I KonMari’d my previous posts and my old HDD died. Couldn’t be bothered to relearn how to use those fancy html templates so I made do with plain text.

Secret World Legends (Beaten)
I’ve already finished most of the missions, including South Africa, so I think I can classify this as beaten. I really liked the atmosphere. I probably would have enjoyed it a lot more if it had been an offline single-player RPG. It probably would have been significantly less grindy (endgame), would not have basic features locked behind paywalls, and there wouldn’t have been issues with lag or maintenance downtime. Oh well, beggars can’t be choosers. I wanted to play something with a modern/contemporary horror-ish/supernatural setting, like Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines. This was the only one I’ve found.

Sunset Overdrive (Dropped)
It seemed similar to Saints Row 3 or 4 so I bought it during the sale. Still not hooked after playing for 8 hours. Maybe the gameplay wasn’t my cup of tea. Also didn’t find it funny. I mean, there were some scenes that were probably supposed to be funny but my reaction was mostly “meh.” Might get into the mood for it later. Uninstalled it for now.

The Park (Added)
The only reason I bought this was because it’s related to The Secret World (now Secret World Legends).

{distant} May

Yeah, I thought using the fancy stuff was hard when I wanted to post too, but then I found (this)[https://kubikill.github.io/blaeogenerators] on the official BLAEO Steam group… just so you know ^^


There’s also the tampermonkey script enhanced blaeo: https://github.com/gsrafael01/monkey-scripts/tree/master/scripts/enhanced-blaeo
That way you don’t need to use a separate website. The only thing it doesn’t do is progress bars. When you create a post you’ll see a generate button in the bottom left.


Thanks for the link. I might use that if I decide to do another update. :)

{distant} May

You’re welcome! Gotta admit, it’s easier on the eyes if the posts are more than text :D


TIL what “KonMari” means. I don’t get out much, I guess. Sorry to hear about your HDD. :(

I’ve never played TSW, but I enjoyed The Park. It’s essentially a walking sim plus, but that was fine with me. It’s also one of those, “you get back what you put in” as far as interacting with and examining everything you can. Or you can pretty much just blow through it if you prefer, especially if it’s not grabbing you.

{distant} May

“KonMari” is short for Kondo Marie, the Japanese “cleaning guru” - or so she’s famously dubbed. Whoever’s more into the subject is free to correct me, but I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be far off from just calling her the Japanese Perfect Housewife, in a sense?


I was able to back up the more important files and I finally had a reason to switch to an SSD, so something good came out of the old HDD’s death. :p


Sunset Overdrive was so tedius to play. I almost gave up around the 8h mark as well. The humor was hit or miss and “meh” really describes the gameplay. Did you reach the part with a group whose chief is a guy without arms and legs? Jesus, the jokes about it were insufferable…


I don’t think so. I lost interest in playing early on. I got to Little Tokyo but I didn’t even try to do any of the missions there.