Progress Report #8

Hello everyone! How are your holiday going ? :)

I was a bit sceptic about the monthly theme as it had a low number of games but in the end it allow me to discover some really nice and short games!

Games like Refunkt, Hook and Thomas was Alone! Really like that last one, you should play it if it’s in your backlog :) Easy 100% for those games too ;)

I did play Gone Home too but it was kind of disappointing. The ambience was really good but I was really let down but the story in the end! It could have been so much better!

Well after those short game, i started … Stardew Valley ! I cannot stop playing.. I don’t really know why but I find it relaxing and just easy to play :) I’ll probably play a lot more of that game before the end of the month :) (The achievement take a long time to get!)


Ohhh and last thing! Does anyone play Pokemon Go ? :D



Anyway, good job finishing those theme games! So many of you have played Gone Home lately, it makes me want to check it out once more.


Thanks ! And sorry that i made you sad :( I don’t know if Gone Home is worth playing again ^^


Yeah, I suppose it doesn’t have any replay value, but it’s been quite a while since I played it and my memory is so poor that the only thing I can clearly remember is the ending. :)


Ugh, I really should pick up Thomas Was Alone. So many people have recommended it this month with such tempting words as “easy” and “good”… I’m a bit afraid it’ll end up like my May try at David. which was supposed to be short and easy but saw me failing at the first level over and over. xD

No to Pokemon GO right now
read: as soon as the damn thing launches, good bye internets and hello outdoors


Hahaha I don’t know about that game but Thomas Was Alone is really easy :) It may take time for some level but you’ll do it!
You can download it even if it’s not out in your country yet :P (well i think)


I wish I could play Pokémon Go…


Why can’t you play ? :o


No phone? :D


Haaaa yeah that is a valid reason! Sorry about that :o


Pokemon go has been my latest addiction, this past day or so I’ve been slowing down a bit just from pure laziness. I hate walking when it’s so hot out :/