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So I’m playing as a cool ass surgeon doctor who specialised in blood transfusion.
For some fucking reason our cool ass doctor doesn’t know how to treat HEADACHES!!!!!!!!!!

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All the stuff this “doctor” can treat:



Ok I’m stealing that.


I wasnt following the hype, i was surprised to descover the new game from Dontnod turned out to be like bloodborne, and the new the council turned out to be like a Dontnod game.


He probably missed the HEADACHE treatment classes =P


I’m pretty sure that at the time all they had is morphine and the likes to use as painkilllers, and using strong opiates to mitigate mere headache would be comparable to using a tank to squash an ant. Anyway, I’m not even sure our modern medicine can treat headaches. Painkillers are not a treatment, they just dampen the symptoms (instead of removing the cause which the treatment should be). I had a friend that suffered really strong headaches most of her life (the kind that basically incapacitate you when it hits), and doctors were powerless. She had all the scans, MRIs and such, and none of the dozens upon dozens doctors was able to determine the cause and actually treat it. In order for her to function at all on a daily basis, all they could do is to prescribe stronger and stronger painkillers, which she basically had to eat by handfuls as the time passed.


Later in the game I’ll find the treatment for headaches, I just thought it was sorta funny that my character knew how to treat all that but for some reason I have to progress in the game to find out how to help the guy with a headache. In game every character praises the main character for being this amazing doctor so I just thought it sounded funny that I still had to find a recipe or something before I could “treat” this guy. You have a good point, but in the game it’s not impossible to help that guy, I just can’t do it yet.
I’m sorry about your friend, that’s tough.

Lucky Thirteen

Cut him some slack, being a vampyre is hard ;D

Fallen Kal

But headaches have many different causes which makes it much more complex to diagnose, let alone cure. I’m more amazed he can cure viral infections, something we can’t do at all.


The game diagnoses them by itself. I can’t help him because for some reason the main character doesn’t know how to craft that medicine yet, even though he knows how to treat stuff that sound way more complicated.

Fallen Kal

Yeah, I get what you’re saying though and it’s also weird for an established doctor not to know a cure for something so common. But technically it is harder to diagnose than those other ones, but mostly it’s just that it’s a game and they have to give you something to do :p Also most of his cures is giving people codeine, not sure how much of a “doctor” that makes him :D


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Blue Ϟ Lightning

Top quality.


Apart from the facepalming, how do you like the game so far? I’ve read so many opposite opinions I don’t know what to think of it.


I know you didn’t ask me but since I’m watching Dogmas’ playthrough I thought I could give you a few of my opinions if you don’t mind.

  • From what I’ve seen so far (I think Dogmas is somewhere in the middle of the game), the game is far more linear than “semi-open” world that they talk about. Pretty much every door she goes to is either locked or can’t be interacted with.

  • It’s an RPG game but there isn’t that satisfying feeling of looting a boss because they don’t drop anything. Most loot comes from civilians and we are doing a “don’t harm civilians” playthrough.

  • I really like the doctor stuff (except what you see on this BLAEO post). I really like that you can talk to people, learn how they feel, what medical conditions they are dealing with and then go to your workshop and create cures and treatments with materials you gather around the world and then give the cures to these people. It feels very good. I just don’t like the restriction of “having to learn their formula” because this is already an established doctor whom everyone envies so much in the game. It kinda breaks the immersion.

  • Combat to me feels a lot like what I did in Witcher 3 on Deathmarch. You keep dashing and landing blows when you see an opening. Since we are not killing civilians this means we don’t drink blood which subsequently results in not having enough experience to get or level up that many abilities. Remove the occasional sign casting in Witcher 3, imagine yourself constantly rolling around and hitting once or twice when you get an opening, then you get Vampyr combat. You will have more abilities at your disposal if you kill civilians so combat may be a bit more exciting in that playthrough.

  • It feels interesting that you gather hints about people when you talk to their acquaintances and if you pick wrong dialogue choices you can even miss the chance to get these hints for good. When you gather a hint about a person, you can go to them and ask them about it. I like that aspect.

  • The game suffers from having only one save file and it’s all auto saves so you don’t have a manual save. Therefore I suggest periodically backing up your save file in case you make a choice you are not happy with. This way you can restore the backup save and make a different choice.

My opinions may sound very mixed but so far I am somewhat interested in picking up the game for myself during a future sale after some months. It depends on the rest half of the game though, if I see a bullshit boss fight I may change my mind.

Dogmas may have a different feel about this, I am in no way speaking on her behalf. These are fully my own opinions. I also hope I didn’t intrude.

Fallen Kal

Interesting points and an interesting read. I’ve really enjoyed previous DontNod games, but the vampire aspect of this game kind of threw me off a little. Dark-Souls-like combat is also a big no go. Will have to read some more reviews about it, but thanks for your opinion.


Thanks for the expanded impressions You didn’t intrude at all and two opinions are always better than one.

One of the main things that have kinda of threw me off is that I heard on a podcast that you can’t really avoid the combats and go sneaky like in say dishonored low chaos, but if you kill those NPCs which gives a lot of XP you cut yourself out of a lot of side stories.

I still think i’ll eventually pick the game up, thanks for the answer. Feel free to let me know how you feel about it once Dogmas has finished playing (either here or on discord)


As an rpg it’s underwhelming, but I’m having fun with it.
I agree with most things Lenor said.


At least if it’s fun, this is a good thing. :3 Is the story still solid even tho you feel the RPG part is underwhelming?


The role playing is pretty limited, I do have choices regarding the side characters, but I feel like Reid’s personality is pre-determined no matter what I do.
The gameplay is extremely linear, you have to slaughter all enemies and all fights feel the same. I ended up hating most abilities cause in the end most of them don’t feel that helpful.
I also think the game doesn’t want us to explore, cause most of the city gates are locked, which is very fucking frustrating. I feel my brain slowly killing itself every time I hear Reid say “It’s locked alright”.
So in the end you just have a few dialogue choices that actually change the fate of the npcs and that’s about it.
(these are my thoughts so far, I’m still not done with the game)


Thanks a lot for the feedback! The linearity kinda reminds me of what I thought about Remember me, so I’m not too surprised sadly. It’s just sad they didn’t evolve much on that part.


It’s like on the doctor shows where they always get the fancy difficult diseases but never have anyone come in for a headache or a hurt tummy :P

I read that you think the rpg part is underwhelming, but how is the story? I’m interested in the game because it looked pretty cinematic and vampires can be interesting if done right.


The story is fine, I guess. At first I was pretty happy with it, but then I found out I’m halfway through with the game and pretty much nothing’s happened xD
Reid’s character is really uninteresting imo, but some npcs have interesting stories behind them. I haven’t heard much about vampires, which is pretty frustrating. I really hope I’ll get to know more about them in this universe, cause so far I’m not impressed. I’ll come back here to update my thoughts once I’m done with the game.


I don’t know why but the name Vamp”y”r just makes me cringe and facepalm so hard. lol
Does the choice you make really matter? I guess you don’t really know yet since you haven’t finished it? When I saw the tag on steam I just sort of chuckled at it and was like: Nope, not gonna believe that.
I certainly am keeping an eye on the game. Probably not gonna buy it since it doesn’t seem like my game, but I’ll definitely watch a playthrough or two on Youtube.


The name is pretty horrible. I don’t know why they chose to name the game Vampyr. In game they don’t spell the word like that.
I do feel like some choices matter, but it kinda reminds me of Dishonored sometimes. If you help the npcs the city looks better, people are happy etc. whereas if you kill them the city gets fucked and everyone dies/leaves. You also decide the fate of certain side characters and I almost got fucked by it cause what I chose ended up making the character who would sell me the headache treatment recipe vanish. Luckily there’s another way to get that xD
I’m having a good time with the game but it definitely has a lot of flaws. I just feel like they wasted a lot of potential.

Arbiter Libera

Vampyr has been on my radar for a while seeing as we hardly get any vampire games these days. Vampire-centric ones, at least. Is it at least difficult? Because that seems to be the only way this whole “feed on for that sweet sweet EXP or spare to keep district health up and get more story” dilemma would actually work - if you have to choose between tangible power ups or story. From what I’ve gathered from other people game seems to throw enough experience at you from completing missions, but it’s good to get multiple perspectives.

Also, I kinda wish they kept the original edgemeister design. :D


I don’t think it’s hard tbh. Most of the time I just dash and then hit the enemies. I haven’t encountered that many bosses yet though.
Out of the few skills I have I only like 1, that is considered an ultimate or something like that. It’s powerful, but it has a long cooldown. I really did not like the rest of the abilities I’ve gotten so far and I’ve been barely using them.
I hate the main character overall. His dsign and his personality are as generic as they could be. That guy from the picture looks a bit too young, but he’s still better than the generic ass guy they ended up choosing. xD

Arbiter Libera

Have you decided on sparing or killing people yet?


I’m sparing everyone.