Weekly Games #19

Akai Majo

0.1 hours, no achievements


Short dark fairytale about a red witch and her red lion.
Nice read if you have a spare 10 minutes or looking to quickly read something short

Costume Quest

5.1 hours, 20 of 21 achievements


Halloween adventure game where you play as kid trying to save their twin from Grubbins.
Best played around Halloween this a great game for kids and adults. There's a variety of costumes with its own specials that it can be played according to what you prefer whether its an offence team or defence or just plain and simple mixed team. You can make it your own, you even get to pick the kid you play so girl or boy its your choice.
With simple achievements (1 needs to be set to Christmas day to get, which is the missing 1 I'm showing) It's a game for all types of gamers

Oh I just cant give this up. This is who I am. I am a weekly poster! I have been since I started and its nice. I thought I needed something more and I had it pretty much. I’ve got stuff on the go that I was considering writing about like I planned to, its why I did the update post but no its just not me. So instead I’ll make it my own, I’m not cut out for full on writing, actually paying attention to games and its stupid music! So I’ll do what I do best which is hunting for those achievements and going through 100s of games a week! So from now on I will be playing games and seeing how easy it is to get achievements and how quick you could possibly do it in. Now I don’t plan to get every single one since some are just insane and I plan to do them in single player not multiplayer so it will be achievements you can easily get from just playing the game. Thats the reason I show off that costume quest is not complete. Its very easy to get the last one but in a normal game play unless you are playing it on Christmas day you will have to go out of your way to get that so I left it. Well that’s all, I think I’m happy with this now the best of both worlds so to say. I will still do my list of my favourites and the music, since why not? I still need to know where that damn Japanese tune has come from