Ninglors Log 98

22.12.18 – 28.01.18

Completed Games:
Night in the Woods

Won/Gifted Games:

Bought Games:

Played this week:
World End Subsurface
The first actually not really, but pssssssssssssst, don’t tell anybody!

Night in the Woods

21 hours, 23 of 31 achievements, ★★★☆☆


I don't even know when I last played a… eh, 2D, platform, what ever game? It's been a while. Guess, because I normally stay clear of them. Both in getting, as well as in playing. But I did it. LOADS of jumping included - mostly because it seems like Mae moves sometimes quicker if you jump. Yeah. Also bc you basically have to jump to get on at one point or another. Turns out… I actually can do it. I'm no jumping pro - will never be - but, yeah, it worked. More or less.
So what can I say about the game? I didn't like the 2D part - never will. I didn't like the jumping - never will. But. I liked: The music. The atmosphere. The characters. The jokes. The mood. The Story! And then not, bc at times it was way too close. And sad. And depressing. And touching. Only to realize it is NOT the same! I'm most certainly not like Mae! Although yes, I totally see myself getting obsessed over a ghost dating sim nod nod But her development after that not. But her fear - yes. Her anxiety - yes. Her wish for safety and everything - yes.
I'm still not sure if the game has a deeper meaning to it or not. And that's ok. I'm also not sure if they were trying to say something with the different animals. But I certainly liked who multi-animal this game was and how little prejudice and racism there was bc of the difference.
But MAN! It sure was weird O.O
Yeah, end. Over and out.
Recommendation? For 2D/platform enjoyers: yes, go for it!

Cat Story ahead!
Here is a cat story! I’m doing this!
Thanks to my brother having had birthday ( a while ago), we had a family… er… come together? With eating out (yours truly was not happy :( ) und afterwards being a while at their place. Their as in my bro and his waifu. And cats! Two gurl cats! One a tiny one, that quacks/croaks like Ameno but with a highpitched voice like Tizio. And the other one is a big Norwegian (although for the race she is pretty slime and small I guess, just like Tizio is a small Ragdoll) and a bit… easy to frighten just like Tizio. Also she is just as fluffy as my Boys. And Damn! Sooooo purrrretty! (I still think there should have been baby cats from her and Tizio but damn, I totally screwed that myself :D )
So yeah, I got to pet those to Ladys. They seemed to be pleased with my cat petting skill, so that’s nice. Also when I got back home, my boys… were interested in the different cat smell. Yay to adventure for everyone! \o/

Ok, what can I say? My week seemed super busy. Which is not really true. But! I have been to a hair… dresser? Cutter? Uh, whatever. I’m shorthaired now. I’ll think about getting colours. I’m intently thinking about purple. I shall report what the result of these thoughts will be :D
Also I’ve been to a musical with my mum on Thursday. Mary Poppins! I ALWAYS loved the movie. So I was suuuuuper irritated at first, because the musical is not the same. Until we bought a program in the brake and I realized it was based on the books and not just the movie. I loved it! Next to phantom of the opera I like this one the best from all the musicals I’ve seen so far! And I decided I have to read the Mary Poppins Books! \o/
What else? Right, while being on this dinner thing with my fam I saw a woman at another table and she had some awesome tattoos. Like panther spots. Well I never thought of that, but I think I might finally know what kinda tattoo I want, if I ever really get one (apart from a lily, Ninglor in Elvish and something about my cats. Yeah, that nod).

Oh. Painting. Right. Mary Poppins inspired me! So next week there will be a Mary Poppins in spired mug happy <3

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So much from me :)
Have a lovely week!
Queen Ninglor

Dad Tip #67 - Try to exercise regularly

Ps: I decided to challenge me to play a certain amount of games this year. I’m not yet sure about the number. Either 4 games per month => 48, not that much, right. Yeah. No. That doesn’t work. Ok, either 6 games/month => 72 ooooooor 100 games. So yeah. I’m doing this. Maybe if I reach 72 I can see if there is enough year left for 100 :D
Pps: Oh, and I want to finish both Batch and ABC Challenge. I mean, how long am I going to drag both of them on and on and on? Embarrassing, right?


I made it through! :P

I challenge myself to complete 5 games per month.

I already lost January. \o/


Aw, but you can totally decide on parts to skip. Game review. Cat Story. Not pointed out life story. And Painting story! Woho! So much skipping room! :D
But rly congrats on doing this \o/

That sounds good I guess thinking
Well I JUST NOW! finished my 5th game. Aaaaaaaaaaaah! Gotta hurry!
Rly should read this World Ends Economica stuff…
January is not over yet! You can still fix this! Grab some super duper short games! Kill ‘em! gets out the war paint


I did it! Thanks for the push. :)


Hm, I played Night in the Woods, but I didn’t finished it. I even don’t know which genre this game is. I don’t know, but I think I expect more. I totally like the artstyle and the characters, but the thing you have to do, when Mae sleeps, this ruined my experience with this game. Well, maybe I finish it someday… Maybe…..


Ah, don’t push yourself. If it’s not your thing, it just… isn’t your thing!
I actually only pushed through it, because it was part of the monthly theme, part of challenge me, part of another groups challenge AND because I got it gifted. And because although it sometimes got way too much to me, I still was intrigued by the story ;)
Just play something else and have a blast with that! <3


Now I feel sorry about sharing the game with you! I didn’t notice you have such aversion to 2D games. :( Though I didn’t feel like the 2D platformer was that relevant. It’s more a 2D exploration game to me as the platforming felt quite minimalistic (to me at least I guess). Except those night games as mentioned by Saikania above as well. I wouldn’t say they ruined my experience but it sure was the most annoying part of the game.

Well at least you enjoyed the story, which was what I was hoping. It is true they went all out with the art, music, writing and kinda failed in the gameplay department.
Anyway, so who did you pick as your bestie? Gregg or Bea?


Ah no, don’t! Rly, don’t. It’s always good to give genres a chance one would normally not touch. And since I managed the jumping, it was a lesson for me, that maybe not every 2D game is that bad. It’s like Always Sometimes Monsters taught me, that not every… er… pixelart game is bad, this one taught me, not ever 2D game is bad!
So instead of feeling sorry: Thank you for gifting it to me! I had a pleasant time with it. AND I willingly played it a second time to get both friends. Nobody forced me to do that :]

Well first time Bea, since Gregg hat Angus. But Bea didn’t want any girl/girl thingy which was a bit disappointing. But she was the best available friend (muhahar) and that was nice. I liked her story. And it made me sad. Gregg war a bit too intense for me. Although he was awesome. They had a totally other thing/dynamic going than Bea and Mae.


Oh wow, you played it twice to see both side! That explains the game time. As usual, you’re really showing amazing dedication!

I only went with Bea. But yay we picked the same! (well that was a 100% chance since you played both xD)
Anyway, I really enjoyed Bea’s story too and she was pretty compatible with what I felt like Mae would need. And she is awesome when she is sarcastic! Which happens pretty often when paired with Mae. Bea is best girl!


Yeah, but I gave up on 100%. The moment I realized I can’t beat the ingame game, I abandoned hope for that. Although it did cost me a lot of time to figure out I’ll not manage that :D

But I picked her first! So in a way we did indeed pick the same character! <3
And yes, she is! <3