• Kingdom Come: Deliverance

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This game costs 60 dollars.


The game is filled with realism mkay



Flying is realistic mkay!


Well, they certainly have a lot of parking trouble going on o.o


Only 50€ for me.
But the real question, is it as bad as it looks? Or is it actually fun to play at least?


Honestly, I’m kinda torn. Sometimes I have a lot of fun playing this game, but there are also times I wanna punch my screen out of frustration because of some really stupid mechanics/design flaws.
And, well, it’s completely broken right now.


you’ll enjoy it better if you think of them as ghosts!!


Good thing I got it for free~!


What are you talking about, it looks like it was made by Bethesda :3

Arbiter Libera

Exactly. :D

Free pass that Bethesda games get compared to everything else out there for the same problems is kinda ridiculous.


I mean to be fair, you could replace Bethesda by a bunch of other studios selling AAAs full of bugs. I’m looking at you Mass Effect Andromeda, but not only. I only when for the Bethesda one because my first thought was “Skyrim!”


I think I’ll wait for a year before buying and playing this game. In the meantime, it will cost only 25€ and the bugs will be fixed (I hope so ! )


Sorry, that’s my fault – I backed this one on Kickstarter.

Actually, I’m glad to hear in the comments that you’re torn about it – the dev team was pretty passionate during the whole process and made some quality videos to document all the details that made it in (that I was so sure they would give up on for being overly ambitious). I’m not too surprised at there being some major bugs still to be worked out though.

Also, fwiw, backing it at the lowest tier cost only ~18€/$24 – one of the relatively few times where I’ve felt I really did make a wise decision, considering the final product. And I haven’t actually played the game yet, but am looking forward to it when they get some more of the bugs ironed out and I’m more certain that my system can run it.


Just dropped by to say I love this review.