Okay, so… I’ve been thinking…

How about creating a new event?

I’ve been peeking at other users’ backlogs, purely out of curiosity, and noticed that… well, we have games in common (obviously, that would happen at some point or another). And then I thought it might be cool to try and pair up to choose a game (or multiple ones) to play through the set duration of the event and ultimately write down our thoughts, to see and compare. Maybe it’s nothing spectacular, but I’d like to see what you all think.


I think it needs some more details/fleshing-out, because right now, I don’t see it being that different from the current “Challenge Me”s. People would have to state that they’d want to be a part of it so others would know who is and isn’t participating (that way, non-participants wouldn’t get offers). Then, others would look through the participants’ lists for a game that is at least familiar to them, because why would you want someone else to play a game that you don’t (think you’ll) like? In fact, I see this as having more problems than Challenge Me because what if one person gives up on a game quickly? There wouldn’t be much to compare. Or what if someone does all the optional stuff while the other only does the main campaign?

set duration of the event

Or heck, what if one person doesn’t have enough time to finish it (long game, etc.) or finishes it way later than the other person?


I like the idea. It reminds me of the “team assassin” theme where we played a game with another person who had that game. I like the idea of talking about the game afterwards. If the event gets created, I’ll be on board.

Lucky Thirteen

Like stef pointed out, we had a similar monthly theme where we played the same game as another person (co-op or singleplayer, didn’t matter). It was quite fun, so I personally wouldn’t be against having a similar theme again :)


Yep, like the ladies above said, something like it was done in Jan-Feb 2018. From what I can tell, it was pretty successful, so maybe it would come back. If you’ve had a chance to look at that theme, are there some differences you’d like to point out as to how you envisioned it compared to how it was done back then?

Personally, this theme probably doesn’t work for me as game time is generally limited and I tend to play slowly, so it would be difficult to find another snail to play alongside me. :D

Lucky Thirteen

I play games at a snail pace, too. Perhpas we can team up for one of these themes (if/when they come) :D


Maybe…I took the liberty of comparing our backlogs and there were a few candidates that came to mind. But I’m always leery of slowing other people down.

Lucky Thirteen

No worries, I don’t think you’d be that much slower than me. But of course, we don’t have to team up. Hell, there’s a chance that I’ll have one of my “wasting all free time on idle games” periods when the theme comes :D


Grr, now I’m mad. Serves me right for not looking back at stuff. But then again, it was a long time ago - I was thinking of something more… personal. An individual thing, rather than hosting a whole event for it… separating multiplayer games for the rest is something people already do, shyly asking for company, but how often does that actually work out? Hence my idea (which is actually, uh, not my idea, now that I see this).


Aw, please don’t be mad– it was a good idea! :) So good that somebody else had a similar one, and it worked well, from what I understand.
And it sounds like yours is maybe a new spin on the previous theme? What do you mean by it being something more personal / individual? Do you just mean that you wanted to find games to play with others instead of hosting an event where people match themselves up and play?


Yeah, I thought maybe an option could be implemented to list games we want coop partners on in a pinnable post or something of the sort - later you could just cross off game X if you found someone to play it with.


Another good idea– so good that there’s something like it pinned in the group discussions. :D
However, it requires people know about it, subscribe to the discussion, etc. And it looks like the “master list” hasn’t been updated for a long time.


Hmm, yeah. So we can call that outdated, right? And besides, I’m not even in the group, so I wouldn’t know of that topic existing :/


Yes, the list is outdated and the group is not used as it could be. But if you’re interested in an invite anyway, apply here.

But I’m sure that any efforts here on the website (or in the group) along the lines of what you’ve been discussing would be welcome. =)


Huh… I might apply whenever I remember.

And yeah, I know. The irony is that I always have the idea, but never the time or resources to pursue it…

Blue Ϟ Lightning

team assassin v2 \o/ I’m down but I have no time to host
also haven’t had much time to play games recently >_<
but if it is done I’d love to participate


That could be really really cool for co-op games :) !


Yeah, that’s one of the things I was thinking of!


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Well you got a bunch of support, so figure out the kinks and plans for it, host it yourself and we got another event


Nah, hosting it myself is the last thing I could possibly do. I’ve got limited time to dedicate to assasinating my backlog as it is :/


Hey I enjoyed the original team assassin. Maybe it’s time for a redux?