Ooooh how have I not heard of that Exophase website before? Tracking everything in one place seems great instead of visiting a gazillion different places.

I was going to play Hellblade and Guacamelee! 2 this month so thanks for the reviews, makes it easier to come up with a decent priority list. :)


I agree that the story is the weak link in guacamelee 2, but I kinda like the humor. I guess, it’s very hit or miss. that part when they read youtube comments is hilarious though xD


Yeah, that’s the easter egg I’m talking about.

And I enjoyed most of its humour as well, the parody were funny (the Street Fighter part for example), some dialogues are nice but when they tried to make the story itself funny, or I should say “too” funny and that’s what I enjoyed less. Reading tons of text full of jokes soon makes it too much. At least for me, as I got tired of it at one point.

But yeah, they had some really funny part.