Casual achievement hunter’s progress log #68


60 Seconds!

1.7 hours, 17 of 56 achievements


A great concept that's as shallow as a thot on Tinder.
The artstyle is lovely. The first playthrough was successful for me and after that, the second playthrough felt like a clone of the first one.

Not sure if I regret getting this or not. I really wanted to get it, so I guess I just had to experience this disappointment.

Hitman: Absolution

15.2 hours, 32 of 47 achievements


My 3rd attempt at playing this. It clicked this time as well. It was amazingly fun. Felt smooth, cinematic and it basically was the perfect Hitman game for me. I know it was restrictive for many, but for me, it felt streamlined in a way that made those that weren't good at stealth actually felt welcome to the game. Something that Codename 47 and Silent Assassin never did.

Just overall, this was great fun and I might return to it some day.
Though, I still have the 2016 Hitman Full Experience to look forward to. I'm looking for a bit more complexity which isn't as alienating as the first two games.

Beat Cop

11.1 hours, 24 of 32 achievements


This is one of those games that just gets me really frustrated when trying to talk about it because it's so damn good. Everything gets me excited about it.

The artstyle? Lovely. Truly smooth and just satisfying to look at.
The soundtrack? It's lacking in the amount of tracks, but it's so well made. Every track is top notch.
The sound design? Probably the most immersive I've had. Gives the game life and personality. Really great.
The story? It's no Breaking Bad, mind you. But it's so interesting in its context. It's minimalist, but it's not even the main storyline that matters, it's everything else around it. There wasn't a single day that was lacking in some progress or even a whole side story. It was entertaining and that's what matters.
The gameplay? You've got your hands full. It's satisfying to be an efficient police officer who does his routine, while still doing everything that's more unique, like investigating crimes, responding to calls, talking to the locals and listening to the music that plays at the local Jewish deli.
The controls? Well, I think that's the only real gripe. It's a point n' click movement system. But I also think that it makes sense in this game. You'll get used to it, no doubt about it.

Can't recommend it enough. I'll definitely play this one again some day!

Punch Club

17.3 hours, 36 of 47 achievements


Good soundtrack and sleek presentation.

Nothing else. All flash and no substance. Not much else to say. I didn't enjoy my way through it and I'll admit that I did cheat a bit to skip the grind at the end of the game, since it was just too tedious otherwise. It would've been around 7 hours of extra grind. This game doesn't respect you and the developers didn't respect the game. I'd stay away from it.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

10.6 hours, 32 of 88 achievements
Won on Steamgifts


Most who say the single player campaign for this is bad haven't played this. It has to be the case.
This is the most innovative CoD campaign in years.

A great soundtrack, breathtaking visuals (yes, really), great characters (except the main villain), even better acting (except for Jon Snow, who is only good as Jon Snow because the character is just as wooden as he is), a lot of variety and so on.

This isn't perfect. It just isn't. A bunch of issues come from small bits and pieces. But this was just such a beautiful experience that I can't even believe that those who just completely hate this thing actually tried it. Instead, I think it's just a bandwagon reaction that came from the hatewagon for the trailer and first anti-CoD reactions when the game came out.


4.5 hours, 4 of 13 achievements


Objectively a good game, but it just didn't do it for me.
The story was gripping until I had to leave. But when I got back home, I had no desire to continue. The end was also totally mediocre in my eyes. I get what they were going for, but it just felt weak.

Not much else to say.

911 Operator

6.2 hours, 10 of 15 achievements
Christmas Present <3


When I unexpectedly got this game for Christmas, man was I hyped. This just looked like the perfect 911 game for me. Something that I was hoping for in This is the Police being realized here. And basically it was.

A great game to play. But it did get boring after I finished the campaign. It got so stale that I couldn't even play a single custom game after it.



30.5 hours, no achievements


A solid game. Downloaded the mod that enabled most of the PC effects and the game looked really nice, even for today.

The story was pretty meh. The whole niece angle wasn't a good idea, but it worked for me since it definitely activated something in me since it's the whole brother-sister protection thing. It helped me get immersed in the story. But they were just gone most of the time. A secret vigilante defending his only family members would've been really damn cool in my opinion. Maybe connecting the side missions (which were really good btw) to the main story to an extent by having your family reacting to it would've been awesome.

A lot of potential that wasn't capitalized on. But whatever. I still had a pretty good time in general, though the T-Bone DLC was a bit too much for me since I got tired of the game around 70% into the main story.

22,097 achievements (+427) 77 perfect games (+0) 42% avg. game completion (+0%)
1,368 games (+24) 1,420 DLC owned (+38) 134 reviews (+0) 1,035 wishlisted (+6)

52% never played (+0%)
19% unfinished (+0%)
14% beaten (+1%)
13% completed (-1%)
2% won’t play (+0%)

I personally loved Hitman absolution. I know it’s not many peoples favourite, and I do think the new ones are better as far as the missions go. But in a way I liked having a more cohesive story, and I like the change of pace in some of the missions. There were still mini sandboxes to play around in and murder people in different ways, but sometimes it was also fun to be on the run. I think that game did a better job of developing 47 as a character.

Interesting opinions on other games I’m interested in trying as well. I’ve always wanted to check out beat cop, but it’s never been clear from screenshots and descriptions, what exactly the game play is. And I’ve heard some people praise punch club, but the premise always seemed to me like it would a lot of repetition.


Beat Cop is an active point n’ click. Meaning time keeps going, you have limited time each day and you basically do as much as you can in that certain day. You have a money system (like with “Papers, Please!”, “Beholder” and so on.) though it plays a small role.
You patrol your beat, writing tickets and stopping crimes, while investigating others and also proceeding with the main narrative. You have something to do all the time.

Punch Club is a mess though. It looks cool and all, but it’s just boring and repetitive to play. You have no direct control in anything. You have a lot of boring repetitive micromanagement and the worst of all, the game literally just takes away progress from you each day, so at some points, you’re playing a zero sum game. You might work out and get 40 points, but then the game takes away 35 and you have to get 100 to get to the next level. And if you have to work, you’re totally fucked because then you’re going to lose even more. It’s just not really worth it.