iracional 88

Anima Gate of Memories - enjoyable and flawed
Degrees of Separation - very beautiful
Finding Paradise - I missed Eva and Neil. The walking speed could be a bit faster, though.
Freedom Fall - quick and fun
Forgotton Anne - liked it, but expected more story-wise.
Marvin’s Mittens - simple, lovely ending.The go-home-for-the-day mechanics is a bit annoying, though.
The Journey Down: Chapter Three - nice little point-and-click
Wandersong - a musical adventure? It’s forgiving to play and a little odd and even if it tries so hard you want to shrink away from it at times and there are segments you mutter along, some parts just stick with you and stay. If its protagonist became a game, he would be Wandersong.


Thanks for the update!

Marvin’s Mittens was a hoot. I played it with (in the presence of) my kids when they were maybe 4yo, so they really enjoyed it too. I got most of the snowflakes but not all. I’m glad there were no achievements in the game.
We also just finished The Journey Down: Chapter Three. Really nice trilogy of games…was so glad the third got bundled since we finished 1+2 just a few months ago. Most of the videos stuttered for me, so for the most part we ended up skipping the videos and bringing them up on YouTube. And the third game featured some colorful language that I did my best to skip through. But other than that, a solid series.
I also picked up Wandersong recently for my daughter’s account. We’ll be playing that soon enough.