2018 Balance

Hi everyone! I haven’t been posting progress reports lately, but here’s my 2018 balance:

And here’s the full report for those who like seeing details:

2018 wasn’t too bad. I managed to keep the number of backlog additions to an all-time low, which I’m very proud of. I hope I’ll continue that trend in 2019.

What’s Next?

I beat the Whistleblower DLC for Outlast this month (that was brutal!), and I’m currently trying to 100% the game (although this won’t count as a backlog reduction because it was previously beaten). The only achievements I’m missing are the ones to complete the base game and the DLC in insane mode. Unfortunately, I died on my first try for the DLC while being chased by Gluskin, because I got lost. But that’s almost at the end of the DLC, so I think I can get it in my second try. I’m trying the DLC first because the base game is a lot harder in insane mode.

I’ll also try to beat Transistor for the monthly theme in the few days we have left this month.


Personally I really didn’t like Whistleblower. Way too difficult, and most parts it wasn’t puzzles are somewhere you needed to use a better strategy, it was just ‘run fast and cross your fingers’. Plus it was really rather disturbing. What were your thoughts, apart from the difficulty? Since you’re going to complete it I’m guessing you didn’t dislike it as much as I did :P.


I actually thought it was a lot easier than the base game, but maybe I just felt that way because I was already used to the mechanics of the game. And I didn’t run at all (except when I was being unavoidably chased, of course), I took my time and sneaked around the entire thing.

But yeah, I enjoyed Whistleblower much more than the base game. :P I thought the story was much better, and the way that the DLC connected to the main story was just brilliant. Yeah, there were some disturbing parts (I had to pause for a moment after that torture scene), but I like disturbing games. xD


That’s a pretty balanced backlog for 2018, I hope you’ll manage at least as good for 2019.

Good luck with Transistor :)


Thanks! :)