Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Play Time
32 hours
73 out of 99
Fun Rating
5 out of 5

The good

I loved almost everything. I already loved the previous one and this one just tops it. First, the graphics are gorgeous. It's a pleasure to discover the world of Tomb Raider when it's this beautiful. I wish I had taken more screenshots but I was too busy discovering the world! Also, they focused a lot more on exploration which is a big plus to me. Not that I disliked the combat but I enjoyed exploring more than fighting. The story was pretty entertaining too. It also ends the trilogy pretty well in my opinion and left me satisfied. And I hope they'll continue in this direction with the next game as I am still wanting and hoping for more!

The bad

There are a few cons however but they didn't mean much to me. Still, I can say that it feels like they didn't exactly improve much or bring innovative things comparing to their previous game (but I didn't mind that at all). The scripted phase sometimes were a bit annoying to follow/execute. The voiced scripts also kinda got boring after a while. I mean, the line "Impossible, I can't carry any more" was repeated so much! And when you're in a tomb and use the special vision to spot clues, Lara will always repeat her hint every single time. But like I said, nothing major.


Definitively my game of the year. Too bad it released last year though. But It was a really great experience. I was curious about the game for a while now and seeing that its price didn't go down much I went ahead and caved in even if it was higher than what I wanted to pay (24€ for the complete collection) yet I feel like it was totally worth it! If you enjoyed the previous games, you will love this one as well.

Arbiter Libera

So, Lara got buff for her last game, huh? :D

If upcoming Humble Bundle Choice leaks are accurate I’m looking forward to playing this in the future. After I play through the second game.


If you can get the Definitive edition for like 14€ (via Basic plan), it’s a steal!!!