Just a couple of games this time, because i’ve being really busy with job interviews and staff, still dont have a job, interviews are harsh

Night in the Woods


This game is a cozy winter morning, wrapped in a blanket, in the heat of the fireplace with your favorite cartoon on and cup of hot chocolate, it is x-files, it is the music that you hear while walking on the streat, it is people you know, good people, bad people, real people. This game has the feeling of nostalgia while being totally contemporary and modern.This game is every young adult fear and existential crisis all at once. This game is pure feeling.

that aside, this game is pretty much a perfect game for me, the story is really interesting, the music is beautiful and the art is gorgeous, and the characters and the atmosphere are so fucking believable i think i know everybody in this game, or atleast i feel so.

As a small town dude i really relate with a lot of thing in this game.

This game is special, its special for me.



You may have heard this game is similar to limbo, i personally dont see it, i mean yes, its a puzzle sidescroller with a minimalist design both grafically and in its puzzles and its made by the same dude BUT there are a lot of differences too, the main one for me its that i see what point INSIDE its trying to make with its “story”, or atleast i think i do, i am still thinking about it, but atleast i am making conclusions, but i didnt do that with limbo, i didnt have a conclusion to make years ago when i played it, maybe i wasnt so thoughtful back then but who knows… anyways INSIDE is something different, its an experience that you need to have while being open to think, not because the puzzles are hard, they really arent, but because it makes you think about stuff.. And thats cool, really recommend this game


I’m glad you enjoyed both INSIDE and Night in the Woods c: I did, too! I really related to Mae a lot. I played NiTW within the first week it came out, so long before there were any achievement guides. Maybe soon I’ll pick it back up and give it another runthrough.

I loved the aesthetic of INSIDE, though I wasn’t thrilled about its ending. What did you think the point of it was?


I mean no matter the ending that you get, to me it means that humanity is bad… the interesting thing is the ending for me, were you the monster all along? was it all, even escaping part of an experiment? i think it was and the secret ending implies that the player is part of it all and by disconnecting yourself you are refusing to take part on the experiment