Third week of November

Not much to say here other than me and my bf finally finished Overcooked that we started last time we were able to see each other almost 2 years ago…. thanks corona…

Completed games

Playtime: 10.5 hours
Achievements: 12 of 12 (100%)
Review: A really fun couch coop cooking game but I would recommend skipping this one and go straight for the second game as it has a lot of quality of life improvements and online coop which this one doesn't have. But if you have the game already and someone to play it with give it a go. Can also be played in singleplayer but I can't imagine it being anywhere as fun.
100 hidden frogs
Playtime: 4 minutes
Achievements: 100 of 100 (100%)
Review: A new game from the 100 Hidden series and this one is actually free, so I really can't complain about it at all even tho it is one of the shortest ones. I liked the artstyle and as always it works fine with Proton.

cant imagine trying to play overcooked single player


Oh yea, I would not wanna do that or recommend it, but it is an option so I thought I would mention it.


I’ve watched bits and pieces of the 2nd game but played with a friend. It looks alright but I just don’t see myself ever wanting to play it single player. It looks hectic enough with multiple players I can’t imagine trying to complete it all alone


I beat both as 2-player coop (with different people) which seems to be the sweet spot. I think having more players that that would get too chaotic and playing alone would be depressing.